Madison Brooks Obituary: LSU Student Tragically Taken By R*pe

madison brooks lsu obituary

Tuesday afternoon, the suspects accused of the r*pe and ultimate death of Madison Brooks, an LSU student, appeared in court to have their bonds set.

There is no doubt that this is an incredibly tragic event that has shaken the Louisiana State University community to its core. Madison Brooks’ obituary details are not revealed as yet. 

WAFB reported that 18-year-old Kaivon Deondre Washington and a 17-year-old whose identity remained undisclosed each took turns having s*x with Brooks in the car’s backseat just prior to her death. 

Her heart-wrenching story was made all the more sorrowful when reports revealed she had a blood-alcohol content of 0.319% when she passed away.

These heartbreaking trial proceedings will continue as law enforcement looks for justice for Madison Brooks and her family.

Last week, investigators uncovered details of a tragic incident involving Casen Carver and Reggie’s Bar. According to police records, Carver and the other male suspects went to the bar and drank alcohol while Brooks was there. 

Despite her level of intoxication and slurred speech, Carver told police that Brooks agreed to ride with them back home.

In addition, Carver claimed the 17-year-old and Washington asked her multiple times if she wanted to have s*x – suggesting that the group had an ulterior motive for offering her a ride. 

The investigation is still ongoing, but these details reveal how dangerous driving inebriated passengers home can be for all involved.

Attorney Ronald Haley is clear that the video of Kalyn Norwood, showing her leaving the vehicle after an argument with the driver, proves that the group of suspects did not leave her to fend for herself. 

According to Haley, Norwood had indicated she was getting an Uber. This is supported by the affidavit that indicates her companion felt uncomfortable and ‘hated it’ during their s*x acts. 

Furthermore, when asked if the victim was too impaired to consent to s*xual intercourse, he replied with ‘I guess’, indicating Norwood’s inability to make decisions coherently. 

While more information will be available later, this video provides substantial evidence refuting any notion that the group recklessly disregarded Norwood’s safety.

Deondre Washington, a 17-year-old charged with third-degree r*pe, had his bond set by 19th Judicial District Judge Brad Myers to $150,000. 

In addition to the hefty bond, Washington must abide by certain terms including no social media posts regarding the case and random drug testing for 180 days.

He will also be placed in home confinement with exceptions for work or meetings with attorneys, wear an ankle monitor to track his location, and avoid contact with the victim’s family. 

Everett Lee, 28, and another suspect in the crime was given a $75,000 bond while John Carver was granted a $50,000 bail under the same terms as Washington and Lee. The hearing of all three suspects was pushed until February 2020.

In an alarming incident of s*xual violence, four men were recently arrested on third-degree r*pe charges in the state of Louisiana. 

This type of r*pe is defined as s*xual intercourse that has occurred without the consent of the victim and carries a penalty of anywhere between two to twenty-five years imprisonment. 

Thankfully, it was reported that none of the suspects were students at Louisiana State University, which could have impacted college students across the state. 

The incident and arrest are a stark reminder of how important it is to be aware and educated about s*xual assault laws in order to prevent such horrific acts from happening again.

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