Maegan Hall: Female Police Officer From La Vergne Station

Who Is Maegan Hall City Of Lavergne Female Police Officer

Maegan Hall is a former police officer at the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee. She made headlines after being fired from her job for allegedly engaging in intimate affairs with six fellow officers. Her husband, Jedidiah Hall, is a state park ranger.

Scandal explained

The investigation also revealed that she had taken part in a booze-fueled hot tub party where she took off her top, proposed threesomes with another officer and his wife, and performed oral sex on two colleagues while on duty.

Who is Maegan hall husband?

Maegan Hall’s husband is Jedidiah Hall. He is a park ranger in Tennessee and the two got married on May 23, 2018, according to her Facebook page. 

Jedidiah Hall is a pastor’s son and the couple lives in La Vergne, Tennessee. The investigation into Maegan Hall’s activities started in December 2019 after Mayor Jason Cole received information from a source that she was having intimate relations with multiple male colleagues.

Meagan hall and Jedidiah Hall Relationship

Today, it was reported that former La Vergne, Tennessee police officer Maegan Hall and her husband, Jedidiah Hall, are in an open marriage.

What is maegan hall meme?

Maegan Hall’s meme is a picture of her with the caption “When you’re in an open marriage but your husband isn’t”. It is a humorous reference to the fact that Maegan Hall had been accused of having intimate relations with multiple male colleagues while married to Jedidiah Hall, despite her claims that the two were in an open marriage. The meme has gone viral on social media and is often used to express disbelief and confusion.

What is maegan hall meme

What is the investigation now with Maegan Hall police officer?

The investigation into Maegan Hall’s activities is now focused on whether she violated any codes of conduct or policies by engaging in sexual activities with multiple male colleagues while employed by the La Vergne Police Department. 

The La Vergne City Council is currently conducting an independent investigation into the allegations, and Mayor Jason Cole has stated that the city is committed to restoring the public’s trust in the police department.