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Mamta Varerkar, Partner & Digital Director at Yellow

Mamta Varerkar is a digital marketing consultant with more than 13 years of experience. She has developed omnichannel, 360-degree marketing campaigns for various companies and sectors, ranging from automotive to telecommunications and from travel to e-commerce. Further, Mamta Varerkar is a partner and Digital Director at Yellow, a branding and digital consultancy based in Dubai, UAE and the CMO of Ejarcar, a startup which is UAE’s largest online car rental marketplace.

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Mamta. I am an ambitious, hardworking and passionate person. When I am not coming up with digital marketing strategies at Yellow, or working on growing Ejarcar, I enjoy drawing, bullet journaling and speaking opportunities. I have been a speaker at STEP conference, Meet Magento conference, Gitex 2018 on the Dubai Tourism Stage, and I have been an MC for Dubai’s very own Shark tank event, the Equity Room. I love to learn new things about the marketing industry and I am consistently looking for ways to improve my skills, craft and knowledge.

What makes your organization different than your competitors?

Yellow is a branding and digital consultancy based in Dubai, UAE that focuses on launching and building homegrown brands. Since the founders of Yellow have been in Dubai for a very long time, we are aware of the cultural sensitivities and feel proud to be connected to this city. Yellow works with homegrown startups like unique local restaurant concepts, all the way to homegrown corporations like Jumeirah’s new property on Saadiyat island.

Yellow is different from its competitors because we recommend strategies to our clients/partners based on what is appropriate for them and not based on what resources we have on board. We are a lean team that works with partner agencies and freelancer specialists so that we can offer the best solutions to our clients at a reasonable cost.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

The market is very cluttered but other agencies are slow to react and respond to changing market dynamics and needs. At Yellow, we are agile and pivot according to what is right for the market and our clients. As the homegrown businesses are more empowered and the ecosystem builds and supports these businesses, Yellow will grow with them. Our local experience, startup mindset and lean senior team are best suited for supporting these businesses.

What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?

I cannot pick one, so here are a few, all for very different reasons:

The ground beneath her feet by Salman Rushdie – While the story is good, what I truly love is the way Salman Rushdie paints characters, it is poetic and inspiring.

The lean startup by Eric Ries – all aspiring entrepreneurs should read this book, it will change the way you approach your startup.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda – this book found me when I needed it most.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

My new MacBook Pro is the best purchase (Well, it was a gift) ever! My efficiency has gone up because of my shiny, new device. I am a crazy multi-tasker that has multiple programs, tabs and windows open, so I need a powerful and responsive computer.

The worst purchase(s) I’ve ever made is the very authentic polaroid camera that I bought from South Africa that I’ve used all of two times! I have a tendency to get fixated on retro, analog devices (I wanted a typewriter for the longest time!) I have come to realize now that these are passing whims that I should not cave into.

What takes up too much of your time?

Instagram, for sure! I need to go on a social media detox, or at least restrict time spent on Instagram. I justify it by telling myself that it is ‘research’ for work, but I am fooling nobody. This year, I shall practice some restraint…

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students/new startup business owners who want to become entrepreneurs?

Being smart and knowledgeable is great, but being resourceful is far more powerful. You cannot know all the answers to all the situations you come across, but if you are resourceful, you will find a way to seek them out.

Tenacity goes a long way. It is ok to take your time to figure out what you want to do or to change your mind over the course of your career, but once you have found whatever it is that drives you, stay focused and be determined and unwavering.

Keep learning. Never, ever, stop learning. Learn from people, books, movies, situations, podcasts (shameless plug: Listen to Startup Hustle Middle East), YouTube – whatever the platform or medium, just keep feeding your brain, always.

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

I would actually have to be a cliché and say, my dad. My dad started from nothing and came to Dubai from India, worked in shady construction sites and moved on to set up a business for himself. He supported and provided for his family and gave my sister and me amazing opportunities. He has faced so many challenges with his business and yet, he has always had a good attitude and a generous spirit. I like to believe I have inherited my perseverance from my dad.

Tell us about something you are proud of – about your greatest challenge.

In July 2018, I found myself stuck in my career and completely lost. I felt insecure and self-doubt set in. The truth is, that feeling lasted a weekend and then I was over it. Opportunities came up almost serendipitously, and I realized I could not get deterred from my goals, even if the goal posts did not look the way I imagined them to. I did not get over it entirely by myself, I have a very strong support system and people that have always believed in me, so I am very grateful for that.

How people should connect with you?

To connect with me professionally, LinkedIn is the best way to get in touch: Mamta Varerkar

I use Instagram for my other creative pursuits – bullet journaling, lettering, drawing etc., so to find out more: And to find out my thoughts about the startup ecosystem in the Middle East, listen or watch the podcast here: Podcasting

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