Meet Former Marcus Ericsson Girlfriend, Iris Tritsaris Jondahl

Meet Former Marcus Ericsson Girlfriend, Iris Tritsaris Jondahl

Last year the famous F1 racer Marcus Ericsson girlfriend’s lucky charm helped him in grabbing the first position in Indy 500 2022.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, May 28, 2023, her lucky charm did not help him in grabbing the 1st position in the Indianapolis 500 2023.

This legendary motor race spans an impressive distance of 804 kilometers and is held annually in Indiana, United States of America.

In the Indy 500 2023’s final stages, it is not uncommon to see more cautions and red flags. After earlier exits by Sting Ray Robb and Romain Grosjean, the first red flag was caused by Kyle Kirkwood’s violent crash.

Kirkwood ended up upside down on the field after Felix Rosenqvist hit him, causing Kirkwood to crash into the wall and rollover.

Both drivers were fine, but the race was stopped. Later, Pato O’Ward drove wrong when he tried to overtake Marcus Ericsson. Again the red flag was waved.

The things on the track went wrong again after the race resumed with just four laps remaining, and it was again stopped for the third time.

Later, the race was restarted with only one lap to go. Marcus Ericsson took the lead and tried to shake off Josef Newgarden by giving him a clear gap too early. However, Newgarden took the lead and crossed the finish line first.

Marcus Ericsson girlfriend and several others were shocked as Newgarden stole the victory on the edge.

When did Marcus Ericsson tie the knot with his girlfriend?

Marcus tied the knot with his girlfriend, Iris, in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara on April 17, 2023.

They shared a combined post on Instagram announcing their marriage. However, other details about the wedding ceremony remain private.

The two first made their relationship public on April 11, 2022, when they shared a photo on a combined Instagram story.

What is Iris Tritsaris Jondahl’s profession?

Iris is a well-known model and social media influencer who holds associations with several modeling agencies.

Marcus Ericsson girlfriend was born on February 12, 2000, in Greece. She resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She shares a glimpse of her fortunate lifestyle on her Instagram and actively engages with her 24.8K followers.

Iris and Marcus are a devoted couple, always spotted together in public. She is Marcus’ biggest supporter, motivating him to follow his passions and aspirations with relentless encouragement.

Aside from their personal lives, both are skilled individuals who have captured the public’s attention.

Iris is flourishing in her modeling career by working with various agencies, and his successful career as a professional racer is a testament to their passion and hard work.

Last year, on Sunday, May 29, 2022, Iris stood by her Swedish partner, Ericsson, throughout his triumphant victory at the renowned Indianapolis 500.

After Ericsson’s remarkable victory, his girlfriend gave an interview in which she stated that it was a day that she would never forget.

She further said, “It is 100 percent a day I will never forget. Thursday night was the first time we had some time to reflect on what had really happened in our lives. I just thought that when I hopefully get married to Marcus one day, I don’t think it will beat the moment we had on Sunday.”

Marcus Ericsson girlfriend sacrificed her education for him

Despite being a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance in Denmark, Iris Jondahl sacrificed her education for her boyfriend’s career. She skipped two crucial exams.

Amazingly, motorsport was not the plot that brought them together. Last summer in 2021, they crossed paths at a pool club in the Marbella region of Spain.

At that time, Iris had little to no awareness of motorsports. It was a fortunate meeting, unbound by their mutual interest in the sport.

They got familiar during Iris’ vacation with friends and Marcus’ day trip to the Spanish south coast to celebrate a successful business deal with a group of friends.

Their relationship continued to grow over the months. When Marcus’ racing season concluded, he sent an invitation to Iris, inviting her to visit him in Sweden.

On the weekend leading up to the Indy 500 2022, the couple stayed in an RV within the racetrack premises.

Following the race, Marcus Ericsson girlfriend joined his family along with an investor for a celebration dinner.

Marcus and Iris set a perfect example of love 

Their journey together showcases the power of brief encounters and the magic that can unfold in unexpected circumstances.

Iris’ willingness to support Marcus’ racing career, even at the expense of her own academic pursuits, demonstrates the depth of their connection and the sacrifices they are willing to make for each other.

The Indy 500 serves as more than just a supporting pillar to their story—it represents a thrilling chapter in their shared experiences.

It highlights the unique lifestyle and challenges faced by the couple in motorsports, where passion, dedication, and personal relationships collide.

As Marcus and Iris navigate the demanding and exciting world of racing, their bond continues to strengthen.

Their journey demonstrates the importance of mutual support, personal growth, and the ability to seize opportunities that life presents, leading them down a path filled with adventure, love, and shared dreams.