Mark Hasse Murder Case: Who Was The Killer?

Mark Hasse Murder

According to the recent search history, the search engine almost crashed as people were keen to know about Mark Hasse’s Murder. What happened in the Mark Hasse murder case?

Who was behind the murder of Mark Hasse? Was the case solved, or is it still pending? These are similar question people were asking to get updates about Mark Hasse’s murder case. 

As per the reports, Kim Williams was arrested for being the suspect in the Mark Husse murder case. Later, she pleaded guilty to murdering Mark Hasse, Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney, on Tuesday morning.

Kim pleaded guilty after two years since the incident occurred. Willimas confessed in the Kaufman County Courthouse, which was near the parking lot where Mark Hasse was killed. 

Let’s find out who Mark Hasse was and other details about the case and how he was murdered. 

Who Was Mark Hasse?

Mark Hasse was the Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney, and it was reported that at the time of his death, he was 57 years old. Before being murdered, he was famously known for being a prosecutor. 

In the Mark Hasse murder case, three victims were murdered. One was Mask himself, and the other two included his wife, Cynthia McLelland, and DA Michael McLelland. 

Their murder was determined to be a revenge plot executed by Eric Williams, who was a former attorney and justice of the peace. As per sources, Eric’s wife assisted him in carrying out the killings. 

On January 31, 2013, Hasse was walking on the streets and was headed towards the main courthouse from his car. It was broad daylight when Hasse was shot while walking down the streets. 

The couple was reportedly targeting him first because Eric was caught in a case for a long time. Eric was being prosecuted by two of the victims in the accident in a PC monitor theft case, and he claimed that Mark was the reason for his job loss.  

Who Murdered Mark Hasse

The Kaufman County couple, named Eric and Kim Williams, had been plotting his murder for a long time. While Mark was walking from his car to the main courthouse, he was brutally shot. Kim was reportedly arrested on April 18, 2013. 

During the incident, it was found that DA Michael McLelland and Mark’s wife, Cynthia McLelland, were also murdered. 

It was known that the person shooting Mark was wearing a mask. The shooter was dressed in black, and after killing, he ran to a car and drove away. 

Later, they both were found guilty in the Mark Hasse murder in 2013 and the double homicide of Michael McLelland and his wife, Cynthia.

After the court reached its end in Mark Hasse’s murder case, Eric and Kim were sentenced to the death penalty. However, the death penalty was called off, and life in prison for 40 years was sentenced. 

Later the sentence details were highlighted, which said that Kim would be eligible for parole after completing half her sentence. 

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