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What Is Master P Net Worth 2022? Early Life & Other Pursuits 

Master P Net Worth 2022

Master P is a true example of hard work and success.

With his rap career, entrepreneurial work, and film production, he has accrued a net worth of $200 million

Master P was one of the most successful people in hip-hop during the late 90s and early 2000s, and until this day, he remains one of the richest rappers/entrepreneurs in the world. 

He is also the CEO of P. Miller Enterprises and founder of No Limit Forever Records, which contributed to his financial success.

His life showcases what can be achieved with dedication, focus, and hard work – qualities that have rightfully earned him immense respect in the hip-hop industry.

He is also a renowned rap artist and producer who has had a diverse career that spans music, acting, and even professional wrestling.

He is most known for creating the record label No Limit Records in 1991, which he later relaunched as New No Limit Records with Universal Records and Koch Records. 

The label eventually became Guitar Music Entertainment.

In addition to his music projects, Master P has dabbled in acting and appeared in numerous films since 1997. 

He also had a brief stint performing with World Championship Wrestling in 1999 before appearing as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars the same year.

Despite being eliminated after receiving the lowest score in show history, it was an impressive feat for Master P nonetheless.

Early life

In the early ’90s, Master P began his journey as an entrepreneur by producing records under the label No Limit Records. 

With an initial investment of just $10,000 from his grandpa and a small record store he had established in Richmond, California, Master P was able to break into the music scene quickly. 

Initially gaining recognition for collaborating with famed artists such as Snoop Dogg and Silkk the Shocker, Master P continued to push forward. He spread both his music and business acumen globally. 

As success began to grow, he was able to take advantage of lucrative investments that allowed him to expand not only musically but also with ventures in clothing production, film productions, a television network, and real estate firms.

By continuously building on his well-earned success, Master P was able to increase his net worth through creative business initiatives.


Master P is an iconic figure in hip-hop, proven by the various honors bestowed upon him.

In 1999, he won Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist at the American Music Awards and was ranked number 36 on VH1’s list of 50 Greatest Hip Hop Artists in 2005. 

His single “Make Em Say Uhh!” was featured on VH1’s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs.

Master P’s influence in the industry has been duly noted; BET listed him as one of the 25 Most Influential Black Music Executives as well as one of The Most Influential Rappers of All Time. 

This year, he made history as the first hip-hop artist to be inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, demonstrating his lasting legacy.

Properties of Master P

Master P had an entrepreneurial drive that was unparalleled in the late ’90s.

His business empire included a number of successful ventures in music, fashion, travel, film production, and more. 

Chief among them was No Limit Records – an influential record label that brought the Southern Rap sound to a global audience and sold over 80 million records. 

It is no surprise then that Master P’s business empire generated more than $160 million dollars in 1998 alone, clearly demonstrating his shrewdness and talent for identifying lucrative opportunities.

With a career spanning both music and investing, it’s no surprise that Master P is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. 

2007 marked a significant milestone in his life when he released his first book, Guaranteed Success.

While the book undoubtedly gave many insightful tips and tricks, Master P had been actively demonstrating its principles over the years through No Limit Entertainment — one of the most successful independent record labels to this day. 

With an empire spanning areas far beyond hip-hop, it’s safe to say that Master P has indeed achieved guaranteed success.