Matthew Lowe Accident – Factory Worker Survives After Being Dragged Into Five Inch Gap In Machinery

Matthew Lowe Accident

Matthew Lowe accident was the worst accident anyone could have faced. This will undoubtedly be Matthew’s unforgettable memory. 

Matthew was a factory worker who suffered through an unfortunate incident.

The factory worker was dragged into a machine. He passed through the five-inch gap in the steel processing machine. 

Any other person who would have gone through what Matthew went through would have died, but Matthew lived to tell his miraculous story. 

Matthew was a family man with one child. It was traumatizing news for his family when they heard that the father-of-one had passed through the machine.

The medical reports reveal that his back was shattered into two pieces. His pelvis bones were poorly broken, and his hip bones fractured. 

His chest was also fractured when piercing through the machine while his stomach and bowel were ruptured. According to Matthew, when he was slicing through the machine, the only sound he heard was the snapping of his right arm. 

When the workers heard his voice coming out of the machine, they rushed to check on him. When they reached the incident place,
the moment was disturbing and devastating for the workers. 

Matthew was unconscious, and as per the worker, he was looking as if he was dismembered. The medical team was urgently called to the incident. 

When taken to hospitals, the doctors told his partner that nothing could be said. “His condition is critical, and no conclusion can be passed.” They also said to expect the worst-case scenario. 

Yet, two years after the cruel incident, Matthew lives healthy to tell his near-death experience. The incident’s injuries are visible on Matthews’s right arm, as it weakened. 

Matthew Lowe X-Ray Report

The doctors had shared the x-ray reports of Matthew, a 25-year-old worker who passed through a five-inch game of the processing machine.

Matthew Lowe X-Ray Report

In the reports, it is clearly visible that several screws and bolts have been placed in his pelvis areas to put the body back together again. 

Yesterday, Matthew told from Birdwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, “I still can not believe how I didn’t die.”

He added, “As the machine dragged me through the rollers. I just relaxed because I knew I couldn’t do anything. In the end, I thought that this was the end for me.” 

Matthew said he didn’t realize that his body was near the machine. The machine dragged him through and deposited him on the floor with torn clothes. 

He thanked other workers who were present during the incident and called for help at the right time. He said he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the workers. 

Matthew Lowe Surgery

After immediately rushing to the hospital in Barnsley, many expert doctors were urgently called to look into the matter. 

Surgeons had stabilized his condition through some complex operations. Later, he was transferred to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield for other treatment to put his body back together.

Six operations were performed on his body, including pinning the broken hips and pelvis back to how they were before.

He is currently living a healthy life, but on some occasions, he suffers from panic attacks from his trauma. He said, “I believe I am lucky to be alive.”

“I don’t really know how I managed to survive being dragged through such a tiny gap.” 

He concluded by saying that his head passed through a broader gap while his body passed through a gap no bigger than a CD case.

Today, he works as a computer-controlled conveyor. This machine helps him to stay away from the processing machines as the conveyor moves the metal into the factory.

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