Max Loughan Missing – Where Is Max Laughlin Currently Living?

Max Loughan Missing

A piece was news was circulating over the internet when Max Loughan went missing. Max Laughlin was one of the most intellectually gifted children in the world, having designed a Free Energy Device capable of providing free energy to the planet at the tender age of 13. 

He gained a global reputation due to his prodigal ideas and theories on the origin of the universe and alternative realities. 

However, it is unknown where Max Laughlin is now since he disappeared in 2018, leading people to doubt the validity of his ideas. 

Nevertheless, what cannot be denied is that Max Laughlin was a true genius who created something extraordinary at such a young age.

Max Loughan idea that CERN may have destroyed our universe and created a parallel one is an intriguing one. 

His pre-disappearance article seemed to suggest that he had the intellectual prowess to back up his claims, considering he was only fourteen years old. 

With no concrete information as to whether or not Maxim is real, his fans and audience are still searching for any more evidence regarding his theory. 

While much is yet to be discovered, theory hinting that Maxim could potentially be the most intelligent child on the planet begs further consideration.