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Maxwell Frost Girlfriend – Who Is The Gen Z Politician’s Soulmate?

Jamie Arena is Maxwell Frost’s beloved and supportive girlfriend.

Maxwell frost girlfriend

Maxwell Frost’s girlfriend is a topic of interest for many. The 26-year-old, who recently rose to fame after winning the elections in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, is the first member of Generation Z to serve in the U.S. Congress. 

Maxwell’s victory is a pivotal moment for the progressive activists. He is all over Twitter as people can’t stop speaking about his victory, which is no less than a miracle. 

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the 2018 March for Our Lives demonstration in Washington, DC.

The student-led demonstration brought the issue of mass shootings to the forefront of the American conversation. It reignited a longstanding debate on what to do about the pervasive problem of gun violence across the country.

Five years later, Maxwell Frost has become its first national organizing director. He said March For Our Lives was a cool march to go to, and he remembers going to it and feeling proud and cool about it. 

He said, “the way you know the strength of a movement, it’s what they’re doing when no one gives a shit, when it’s not in the news, and when no one cares. Because when it is on the news, and people care, the way you organize the infrastructure you built that’s what matters. And that’s what we see March for Our Lives doing today.”

Jamie Arena’s age, career, and biography

Jamie Arena is Maxwell Frost’s beloved and supportive girlfriend. The two got into a relationship in 2019 and have lived happily together ever since. 

The exact circumstances surrounding Maxwell and Jamie’s first meeting are not known to the public. However, what everyone knows is that the couple is profoundly in love with eachother. 

Jamie has constantly shown her support for Maxwell throughout his political journey. In a post stating Maxwell’s win, Jamie said that she was very proud of her partner, and she knows that he’s going to be amazing. 

She actively participated in fundraisings for Maxwell’s campaign. 

Jamie was reportedly born in 1999 and most likely turned 23 years old last year. Her exact ethnicity has yet to be discovered. 

Jamie’s mother is Joyce Humphreys. As per her Facebook, she worked at Martin Memorial Health Systems. 

Her father is Patrick J Arena, but his parents seem to have separated, as Joyce has marked her relationship status on Facebook as ‘single.’ 

Jamie has two younger siblings: a sister studying Humanities and Museum Studies at Florida State University and a brother currently employed at My Brother’s Workshop. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, Jamie is a multimedia journalist and coordinator. Jamie has worked with different companies since the beginning of her professional career.