Mayor Eric Adams Faces Serious Allegations Amidst Ongoing Investigations

Mayor Eric Adams Faces Serious Allegations Amidst Ongoing Investigations

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing accusations of sexual assault from 1993, revealed in recent court filings under the new Adult Survivors Act just before its one-year deadline. The claim suggests that while working for the city, Adams allegedly assaulted a colleague.

The unnamed accuser claims intentional and negligent acts, including gender-based employment discrimination, retaliation, a hostile work environment, and emotional distress, seeking a minimum of $5 million in damages.

Adams vehemently denies these claims, stating through a spokesperson, “The mayor does not know who this person is. If they ever met, he doesn’t recall it. But he would never do anything to physically harm another person and vigorously denies any such claim.”

Crucially, the court filing lacks specific details about the incident, and The Guardian, among the first to report on this, is withholding the accuser’s name.

This situation adds to Mayor Adams’ existing troubles. He’s already under FBI investigation for potential campaign finance issues. The FBI is looking into whether Adams’ campaign accepted money from the Turkish government for favors, like pressuring the fire department to speed up opening a Turkish consulate.

The FBI recently searched the home of Adams’ top fundraiser and the residence of a Turkish Airlines executive and a Brooklyn construction company tied to Turkish immigrants who fundraised for Adams.

Addressing the sexual assault claims, Adams said, “I would never do anything to harm anyone. My career speaks for itself. Just really something that absolutely has never happened. I don’t even recall meeting the person who made this allegation.”

The NYPD, also named in the court filing, reportedly has no record of the accuser working for them during the specified time.

These allegations against Mayor Adams join a growing number of cases under the Adult Survivors Act, a law that allows individuals to file lawsuits for sexual misconduct without being limited by the statute of limitations.

This law, in effect since 2022, closes its one-year look-back window on November 24.

As this story develops, it highlights the challenges Mayor Adams faces—addressing historical allegations of sexual assault while dealing with a federal investigation into his campaign finances. The outcomes of these legal battles will likely impact Adams’ political future and the perception of New York City’s leadership.

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