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M. Curtis McCoy: An Influencer Who’s Helping Individuals Share Their Story With The World

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M. Curtis McCoy

Major corporations spend BILLIONs of dollars on advertising. Reaching a massive audience is a key factor for success. Many talented individuals never get a platform to share their message.

M. Curtis McCoy is rapidly gaining popularity as a motivational speaker, personal-development author, and social media influencer with millions of followers globally. He is the founder of Success, Motivation & Inspiration. His company highlights entrepreneurs to shine a spotlight on their vision, purpose & achievements.

In many of his personal development books, M. Curtis McCoy interviews successful people who share their insights, personal wins, as well as tips on how we can learn from their mistakes and failures.

Today, M. Curtis McCoy has a massive global audience but he comes from a meager background. Curtis always wanted to be a positive influence in other people’s lives.

Many celebrities & influencers seem to forget their background while secluding themselves from their fans. The reason we’re highlighting M. Curtis McCoy today is because of how he’s lending his platform to help others grow.

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The Success, Motivation & Inspiration podcast is hosted by McCoy himself. In each episode, he invites a special guest, including entrepreneurs and extremely successful individuals, to share their story with the world. M. Curtis McCoy also conducts live video interviews with guests that are syndicated globally.

Although his success is similar to that of many other public figures, there is one thing he did differently: Curtis used his global platform as a means of helping others to grow their personal brand.

McCoy has been invited to speak at venues with thousands of attendees. His personal growth books cover a variety of topics, ranging from developing excellent conversational skills to tips on becoming successful.

McCoy is also the founder of the Success, Motivation & Inspiration group, one of the fastest-growing personal development communities on Facebook. This group includes some of the top entrepreneurs & hundreds of thousands of people sharing visions of prosperity. He’s building a community where people aren’t afraid to talk about their failures and share their insights on success. The massive reach of this community is outstanding.

According to McCoy, the best way to stay motivated is to build a business around your passion – something you love. McCoy says, “If you are involved in a job that you aren’t passionate about, you will find it really hard to even continue; let alone succeed. On the contrary, knowing that you’re working on something that you truly love will give you the drive to pursue through exhaustion”.

It’s nice to see a leader share invaluable tips to help budding entrepreneurs.

M. Curtis McCoy Quotes

“Often, people are focused on making money quickly, rather than actually working through the process & gaining knowledge. Work through failures and be willing to keep failing again while making changes. Learn from your mistakes! Don’t stress over failure. It means you took a chance others weren’t willing to.”

“Take guidance from leaders you respect. Wise counsel can help you avoid many hurdles you will face on your path to success. Have the humility to listen and learn, but filter out negativity.”

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There are many who achieve success, but only a few are willing to help others do the same. We’re glad to have encountered M. Curtis McCoy and hope you’re able to connect with this influencer to build your own personal brand!