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Meet Dr. Jimmy Sayegh, The King Of Cracks

The chiropractor’s practice is often shrouded in mystery. Some may just view it as an advance message or a way to relieve aches and pains. Others may see it as basic and not an advanced profession… that is until The King of Cracks came around.

Dr. Jimmy Sayegh has gained worldwide fame with over 4 million fans. By showcasing his work through social media, he has set off many viral trends on Instagram and TikTok. The once seemingly unknown practice has been brought into the light for the world to see… and the world is loving it.

Dr. Sayegh is a first-generation Arab American. His parents came to the US from the Middle East in search of the American dream. Unlike most, Dr. Sayegh’s dream was to become a sports chiropractor. So, he set out to get a degree in Kinesiology Sports Medicine with an emphasis in Exercise Science from the California State Polytechnic University.

Then he went to Southern California University of Health Sciences and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.

After starting his own practice, he began to record patient treatment visits to better his personal adjustment techniques and showcase an inside look at a visit in his chiropractic office. As a result, many other chiropractors did the same.

He quickly became known as “The King of Cracks” due to the ASMR crack sounds that dominate his videos. Dr. Sayegh comments: “The instant gratification of relief a patient experiences when they hear those crack sounds is one no one else can describe and to be able to see so many reactions is priceless.”

His unique treatments and adjustment techniques are a testament to the diversity of the non-invasive treatments that the chiropractor practice has to offer. 

Dr. Sayegh has been able to work with directors, actors, celebrities, and musicians such as Ava Duvernay, Ross Mathews, and Larry Hernandez. He has also worked with professional athletes such as DK Metcalf and Karim Benzema throughout his career.

At the age of 36, he has grown worldwide recognition as the King of Cracks with a successful chiropractic practice that is continuously growing and expanding. Not many can say the same. 

Dr. Sayegh explains: “With the opportunities of social media in today’s culture, the dreams and opportunities are in the palm of your hands.” He goes on to say: “Find your niche, perfect it, and become the best at it. Showcase your talent for the world to see. Don’t focus so much on growth but rather show the world your special talents and one-of-a-kind characteristics. Social media growth takes time, persistence, and love for what you do.”

Success always comes with its challenges, and Dr. Sayegh’s is no exception. His biggest challenge had to do with being a small business owner whilst navigating through a worldwide pandemic. With the possibility of facing economic hardship and his responsibility to not only his business but also his employees, being a small business owner became one of the biggest overnight obstacles he had to face.

However, Dr. Sayegh was not just able to overcome this challenge, but he was also able to grow his business to new heights.

He explains: “Through the power of social media we were able to overcome and surpass any previous goals set for my practice. I continued to grow my brand and practice through social accounts and any other outlet that allowed us to continue to treat our patients safely in a time where hospitals and emergency rooms were congested with COVID cases.”

He found that he was able to grow his business through social media because his followers could resonate with his work. In his words: “The fascination with crack sounds and the ability to see a treatment being performed for the exact same condition you are dealing with was one thing that helped followers resonate with our work.”

Dr. Sayegh hopes to continue to shine light on the practices of chiropractors and help the field grow as chiropractors start to increasingly work side by side with other medical professionals. 

He also plans to continue to grow his brand and business as well as mentor future chiropractors, PTs, and massage therapists.

Dr. Sayegh is not only bringing awareness to the intricate practice of chiropractors but also showing its benefits as a non-invasive alternative to musculoskeletal treatments. The extensive training that chiropractors go through results in some pretty amazing outcomes as Dr. Sayegh’s millions of fans have seen.

The King of Cracks has had tremendous success and he hopes that others will follow in his footsteps. He explains: “I hope to one day inspire future chiropractors to break through the ‘chiropractic mold’ and begin showing the world the amazing field and how many lives we are changing daily.”

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