Karen Friedman Hill – The Wife Of Goodfellas Gangster Henry Hill; Where Is She Now?

Karen Friedman Hill The Wife Of Goodfellas Gangster Henry Hill; Where Is She Now

Karen Friedman Hill (born January 16, 1946) is an American socialite who was linked to the mafia through her husband Henry Hill, a Lucchese crime family connection. The events of their lives were portrayed in various novels and the 1990 film Goodfellas.

Karen Friedman Hill’s change from youngster to the hard-living spouse of gangster Henry Hill is more sensational and dramatic than “Goodfellas” might at any point portray.

In 1965, after Karen Friedman and Henry Hill, the famous New York criminal whose biography was made famous by the book “Wiseguy” and a reference film “Goodfellas” had been dating for a couple of months.

A neighbor of hers named “Ted” attempted to harass her. She slapped him, and he yielded, furiously going her out of his vehicle and heading out. Then, at that point, she called Henry.

In a scene portrayed with brutal accuracy in Goodfellas, Henry took his revenge. Later on, Karen and Henry’s daughter, Gina, later tells about her mom’s record that what she says.

“My mother called my father and he got her and drove her home, however rather than going into the house with her, he went across the road. He saw Ted in the parking lot, snatched him by the hair, use a pistol out of his pocket, and gun whipped him. Gun whipped him! Then, at that point, my father returned running across the road, all damp with sweat and red, and gave my mother the weapon and advised her to hide it. Most young ladies would have been scared after this, but my mother said she thought it was Sexy.”  

Maybe this was the defining moment for a prospective gangster’s better half who began as a pleasant young lady from Long Island.

Who is Karen Friedman Hill, and what happened to her?

Karen Friedman Hill was born in 1946; Karen Friedman Hill came from a Jewish family living in Long Island.

She has been unveiled to her young life up until the moment that she met Henry Hill. It was 1965, and she was doing a job as a dentist when she met Hill on a double date, which was also portrayed in the film “Goodfellas”.

However, unlike in Goodfellas, Karen’s friend was dating a gangster who also Henry’s partner named “Paul Vario Jr”.

The child of nearby criminal Paul Vario, and not Tommy DeSimone, is the motivation for Joe Pesci’s person.

Henry and Karen had their date, and, consistent with the film, things didn’t go as in a flow or smooth between them.

At first, they didn’t interact that much but made arrangements for a second briefly date for which Henry stood her up.

The pair stole away to North Carolina (where marriage necessities were less severe) in 1965 for having dated for only four months.

After that, the couple held a Jewish wedding celebration in New York after Henry Hill changed over to Judaism at the request of Karen’s parents (he later admitted that he never really changed over and just lied about doing so).

At the early stage of their marriage, Karen Friedman Hill didn’t know about her better half’s mafia dealings with the Lucchese crime family.

As he was told, she thought he was a bricklayer and low-level association official, which was ultimately a lie.

At that point, the ordinary couple already began building a typical life and had two kids, Gregg and Gina, soon after their wedding.

In the long run, Karen got wise to her husband’s other’s crimes, yet instead immediately figured out how to conquer any reservations she might have at first hand.

She also admitted to her daughter “Gina” that the charm of the criminal way of life attracts her to Henry.

As Gina wrote in the On the Run: A Mafia Childhood,

“One day she’s a dental assistant from a middle-class family on Long Island, and the next she’s sipping from a bottle of champagne that Sammy Davis Jr. sent to Dad’s table at the Copa.”

Karen for sure acknowledged the advantages of her husband’s other’s risky way of life and savored the “Fresh Buick Rivieras” in the driveway and the “wardrobes overflowing with new clothes.”

Furthermore, she began using a lot of the cocaine Henry was dealing and selling. As per Gregg and Gina (their kids), Karen and Henry have people over to their homes for the wild, Cocaine-filled gatherings during which carousers would engage in sexual relations.

They use Gina’s Miss Piggy mirror to do cocaine and offer the children a snort. However, soon, Karen Friedman Hill’s party started to end as time passed.

Things got ugly when Henry was condemned to ten years in jail in 1974, passing on Karen to battle for herself with no assistance from Henry’s criminal partners. She later said,

 “I’ve found out with regards to how these folks deal with one another when they’re in prison, yet I’ve never seen it throughout everyday life. If they don’t need to help you, they will not.”

In addition, Karen immediately understood that there were surprisingly more dreadful things than being disregarded by her better half’s underworlds association.

While Henry was in prison, Tommy DeSimone beat up and tried to assault Karen, as per Henry’s diary “Gangsters and Goodfellas”.

Henry gave not many insights concerning the claim and expressed that he didn’t look into it until sometime later.

In the meantime, Karen Friedman Hill was having an affair and romance with Paul Vario while Henry was in jail.

What’s more, Vario didn’t warmly embrace DeSimone’s endeavoured assault. Along with a few other unapproved murders done by DeSimone, made Vario had him killed in 1979.

The following year, specialists busted Henry for drug dealing. Karen’s job in this activity stays questionable.

However, as the film portrays, she undoubtedly assisted Henry with concealing medications from the police at any rate.

Notwithstanding, to save his skin, Henry then, at that point, consented to affirm against his previous partners and abandon the existence of coordinated criminal.

To secure Henry, Karen, and their kids from the retaliation of the Mafia, the public authority set every one of them in the Witness Protection Program.

The whole family got new personalities and were sent off to Omaha, Neb. As Gregg later reviewed, “our lives as we’d realized them formally finished.

Gregg and Gina Hill had stopped existing. We were sent far away, somewhere we’d never been or even envisioned. To begin once again with only phony names and everything to go away.”

The transition to Omaha was the start of daily existence on the run for Karen Friedman Hill. Because of how either Henry’s old partners were near finding him or that Henry had perpetrated a type of criminal demonstration.

Specialists moved the family a few times all through the 1980s and mid-1990s, so, all in all, they were at last ousted from the program on account of Henry’s criminal careless activities.

Karen Friedman Hill and Henry Hill were isolated in 1989 however weren’t authoritatively separated until 2002.

Meanwhile, both made separate lives for themselves outside of the Witness Protection Program and never languished revenge over Henry’s declaration.

Henry, who’d ricocheted around across the U.S., eventually arrived in southern California, passed on entanglements identified with coronary illness at 69 years old in 2012.

Meanwhile, Karen has been living under an accepted name, and the subtleties of her present life are not public.

Actually, like her late ex, Karen should now experience her days in a state of banishment from individuals, spots, and the way of life she once observed to be so exciting.

The Truth About Henry Hill’s Death

Mafia is very much like most of us, particularly on the off chance that you seek to bite the dust by being shot in the head, which occurred with disturbing recurrence in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

All through the archives of coordinated criminal. It’s by all account not the only approach in the wake of escaping Alcatraz, Capone himself died because of a stroke and coronary episode in Florida,

Yet that was after a long slide into mental inadequacy from untreated syphilis. Bonnie and Clyde, however not Mafia took a couple to the head and pretty much wherever else.

Jessie James, Butch, and Sundance it’s a long American practice. For gangsters, at any rate.

So perhaps it comes as an unexpected that Henry Hill, the criminal who enlivened the book Wiseguy and Ray Liotta’s presentation in Goodfellas (once more, Scorsese, also a section of Animaniacs) didn’t kick the bucket of lead harming.

No; Hill, what his criminal compare’s would call a rodent, had a considerably more exhausting (however maybe not intended for him) exit to the ensemble imperceptible.

Memoir lets us know that Hill sought to gangster hood from the age of 12. His concern was that he wasn’t 100% Italian. His dad was Irish, his mom Sicilian; however that didn’t prevent him from giving it old fashioned school attempt.

The Lucchese criminal family administered Hill’s area, and Hill became engaged with betting and the medication exchange.

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