Meet Velma Trayham, A Successful Entrepreneur And Creative Strategist.

Meet Velma Trayham, A Successful Entrepreneur And Creative Strategist.

Today, Velma Trayham is catching the spotlights and sharing her success story with us. A confident, strong, and carrier oriented lady who is now proudly enjoying her sips of success and fame is giving us a moment of honor and presenting us an opportunity to have a little part of her precious time.

Velma Trayham, would you like to share your journey of success with us? What was that particular motive that kept pushing you forward and passionate?

Well, you can say it was my failure that kept me focused and made me more passionate about my goals, this may sound quite weird as people usually give up and quit after being failed while following the path of their dreams but I’m the one who actually learned and enjoyed being lost and not being up to snuff in my journey. On every turn, while being trapped by the negativity I provoked myself to search for positivity, although it’s actually challenging to search for illumination while you’re standing in all dark when even your shadow abandons you. But I turned pessimism into a new opportunity with all courage and confidence.

I hold a nationality of Houston, Texas but I had to leave my hometown to take a new start, I choose Atlanta to reposition myself, It was the month of spring, Feb 2016 when I moved to Atlanta and unfortunately the devil didn’t miss a chance to chase me, I met a horrible car crash that should have left me into pieces, but my Lord saved me and offered me to experience a devout death to take new start with hope.

I still don’t hesitate to admit that I had continuous three downfalls in a row while climbing the mount of my goals. Whenever I thought I’m closed to my reward I fell badly in my business expedition. Once I got a chance to play a role of an industry leader and I indubitably yet loyally engaged myself, lend a helping hand to others, I did support people in achieving their goals and there I found a turning point of my life. I founded Thinkzilla, I spotted it in the perspectives of great development observed marketing, and public relation advisory with focused inclusive marketing tactics, serving universally to all types of businesses.

Whenever people ask me to share my personal experience, I just say that Velma Trayham was a girl surrounded by poverty who did not have a highly-educated background. The only thing that struck me to my goals is my faith. I confidently stepped ahead with courage towards progress; I built businesses and sell them with profit. I even narrated my real-world experience with the title “When God Says Go” in my log and self-help book, published in 2017.

Your experience sounds like a horrible struggling journey. Tell me who offered you a helping hand in your hardships?

Needless to say that I did not have a smooth road to walk, I failed multiple times, my luck kept spinning in tilted direction and yes sometimes I really wanted to escape from the world but every time I wanted to quit I actually embarked on. I don’t know what was that thing but I feel like it was my inner strength, magic or maybe you can say a stubbornness to prove myself, to challenge my own unenthusiastic soul that continues to unenthused and de-motivated me. There was a time when I had no one on my side of the support; the horizons of being cheered were completely unfilled and I was playing a role of victim, I, Velam Trayham was betrayed, maltreated, and indignant and that was the time when I found God. I felt like when the whole world was twisting an evil plot on my way, my God held my hand and enlightened every single turn with hope, success, and faith.

So yes! It was God who was supporting me through every thick and thin.

Ok – What if I ask you to spread the word “Thinkzilla PR & Consulting Group” – How would you present it?

Thinkzilla PR & Consulting Group is a Marketing company with elevated intensification, functioning with CEO’s, CMO’s and leaders with least net returns of 1 million and more. The thing that makes us exclusive is we hold a crown of being fineness, our vigorous database, and marketing locomotive permit us to situate our clients on state-run levels and links them with their target market beyond the income goals and guaranteed ROI.

We serve our clients with the advantages of a complete-service and multiplicity consulting compact.

Only if I pose you give credit to someone, do you think anyone is worthy enough to be mentioned as a supporting character in your entire journey?

If we discuss about the entire journey then yes, my Mentor and client Alan “AP” Powell was the character who played a supporting role in my success story, he mentored me so well and helped me shaping my failures into opportunities, he taught me how to create opportunities yourself and how to deal with business failures. Also, I would like to count my Pastor as one of the blessings who didn’t only accommodate me but also showered me with their prayers. I would really like to thank Toney Ervin and Nicole Sawyer and at last I would love to quote my grandma with hearty wishes, Mama Lynn, my grandma, raised me with all love and care, it’s been many years since her soul has departed but I’m sure she is watching me and still praying for me, I feel like it’s her prayers that still supports me and smoothes my hurdles. I am glad to say that she has a big role in my success; besides this, I love my family and my boys too.

In her interview, Velma Trayham even quoted some of her accomplishments and consulting triumphs she received while working with powerhouse clients like BET, JIVE Juice Company, Alan “AP” Powell and the University of Phoenix.

The message that Velma Trayham gave to readers is to always keep a strong hold on the keys of patience, faith, and confidence and you will definitely unlock the doors of victories one day.

How people should connect with you?

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This Interview is exclusively conducted by “Haris Siddique” 

Haris Siddique

Haris Siddique is an entrepreneur and investor based in Pakistan. He is a co-founder of Artimization (A global branding and marketing company) which already served more than 500 businesses around the world. Haris is one of a board member of Vizaca Media Company and currently serving as a Head of Global Marketing.

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