Met Gala 2022: Theme, Fashion Styles & Inside Story

Met Gala 2022 Theme, Fashion & Dressing Styles & Inside Story

Every year, fashion enthusiasts around the world anticipate the Met Gala 2022. Everything you need to know about the fashion extravaganza is here in this article after its 2-year hiatus due to the recent pandemic.

This year’s American theme was highly looked forward to.

2nd May 2022 brought back after 2 years the sartorial glamorous event which fashion enthusiasts look forward to every year: The Met Gala.

We have put together everything you need to know about the Met Gala to cater to that fashion tingle.

For two years the extravaganza event was put off due to the recent coronavirus pandemic and its related precautionary measures. The Met Gala was in the news some months ago when the supermodel Kim Kardashian donned the Balenciaga mask.

This year’s Met Gala was given the theme: In America: An Anthology of Fashion

This theme was intended to revolve around the American style and commemorate US design and designers.

Met Gala – What Is It?

Since 1995, Anna Wintour has organized the Met Gala. Presiding over is since then, the fashion event has become a globally-followed celebration of contributions in fashion and recent developments. 

The Met Gala is a charity event which acts as a fundraiser. Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute is the beneficiary of the fundraising event. The Met Gala also marks the opening of the Institute’s fashion exhibition.

The fundraising event successfully raises significant amounts and sums, in eight figures to be precise every year. 

When and Where was the Met Gala 2022 Held?

The Met Gala takes place every first Monday of May. This year’s Met Gala was held in New York City on 2nd May 2022, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Met Gala 2022 was a part of the Costume Institute exhibition which was to be held in two volumes. The first exhibition was followed by the Met Gala 2021 and was titled In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.

The first volume debuted on 18 September 2022. 

As stated, the event takes place every first Monday of May. Guests arriving at the event stay at hotels nearby the location typically.

Hosts of Met Gala 2022

Met Gala 2022 was hosted by Ryan Reynolds, Regina King, Blake Lively and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Co-chairing was partnered by Tom Ford, Adam Mosseri and Anna Wintour as honorary co-chairs. 


Co-hosts of the event Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Vogue’s Anna Wintour has been presiding over the Met Gala since 1995. The event has since then turned out to be a fashion event which is looked upon globally and is loved by enthusiasts and people alike.

The Theme of Met Gala 2022

Perhaps the most important thing to notice in every Met Gala is the theme every participant will undertake when heading into the extravaganza. Glorious fashion and unique designs are coupled with boldness to show new perspectives on the theme of the event.

This year’s theme was part two in the overall encompassed series by the Costume Institute. 

In America: An Anthology of Fashion was the second part and focused on inclusivity. The question which is ever-present since years was posed in the theme. 

The head curator of the Museum of Modern Art’s Costume Institute very clearly focused on his theme by posing and raising the question of ambiguity circulating the title of being an American. Who gets to be called an American?

This question had also been posed at 2020’s Prabal Gurung show. 

The Evolution of the American style

Displayed across 13-period rooms in the museum, the exhibition tried to display the historical context for Lexicon. Andrew Bolton had this to say regarding the theme of the Met Gala:

“The stories really reflect the evolution of American style, but they also explore the work of individual tailors, dress-makers, and designers,” 

After all, this has been the rising issue since time regarding what to call American and who to call American. The rising issue of globalization and whether to endorse near-shoring has been prevalent, and fashion is one of the best ways to answer this question.

“What’s exciting for me is that some of the names will be very familiar to students of fashion, like Charles James, Halston, and Oscar de la Renta, but a lot of the other names really have been forgotten, overlooked or relegated into the footnotes of fashion history,” he added.

Also, one of the core highlights of the exhibition was also the inclusion of many women designers and artists. The issue of inclusivity of women and gender balancing has been on the rise for decades, and Met Gala 2022 catered to this issue. 

What Goes Inside The Met Gala?

The main curious element of the Met Gala is its secrecy. Noone outside really knows what goes on inside the Met Gala. Guests are told to follow a no-phone policy. 

They cannot then post coverage on their social media, hence limiting inside information on the event. 

Exclusive photos and general coverage can be found on the internet such as Kendall Jenner’s behind the scenes look at the Met Gala. 

The event is organized so that guests explore the exhibitions upon arrival. Also in the event is a performance involving a high-profile performer such as Rihanna etc. 

After the exhibition they sit down for dinner. To commemorate the theme of the event, this year’s dinner menu selection was selected by Met Gala chefs who were three women. These three women symbolized the diversity of American cooking.

Amirah Kassem, Melissa King and Lauren Von Der Pool were the chefs selected, and their delicious dishes were chosen as an American menu for all the guests present at the event. 

Invitations of Met Gala 2022

Just as the contents of the event night is kept secret, so is the guest list. Apart from some big names who regularly attend the event, generally, the list is top secret. 

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Madonna are the ones who attend year after year. Many big names in designers such as Marc Jacobs and Nicolas Ghesquiere also attend with their partners. 

Attendees of the Gala

The top secret guest list usually incorporates around 600 attendees. The overall list consists of stars, creatives, designers, industry bigs etc. 

All About Met Gala: How Was It

The dress code of the 2022 Met Gala was titled Gilded Glamor, and many skeptics had a field day as their views regarding fashion were endorsed. 

This year’s event either had to be disastrous or something extraordinary. The intention of the organizers was being questioned just by the name. 

As the event unfolded, the organizers were maybe looking for something different. Maybe they really were looking for an event which orchestrated not a show for the social media, but a change which could drive back what happened in the past. 

The Met Gala 2022 suggested maybe that we can still go back, rewrite history and restrain ourselves from the 19th-century Gilded Age. 

Details of the Night

Blake Lively, co-host of the event donned on what was termed as by a reviewer “a gleaming copper Versace column festooned in swathes of bustled silk that later unfurled into a verdigris-toned train embroidered with the constellations of Grand Central Terminal.”

She also had matching gloves and a tiara. She was accompanied by her husband and co-host, Ryan Reynolds in a white tie. 

In Contrast to the glamor, the simple dresses went under the radar. Men who dressed simply such as white ties and tails didn’t make news, as there were simply many others and much else to see which was larger than life. 

The recent acquirer of Twitter and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX billionaire, Elon Musk also simply went unnoticed at the event. 

All that glitters is gold

Cardi B enveloped herself in Versace chains and jewelry. These outspoken gold were not alone. Megan Thee Stallion gleamed herself in feathers and brocade. 

Cary Mulligan had 79,000 gold sequins and Chloe Bailey bore strapless, metallic columns which posed a somewhat artificial look rather than a natural one. 

Accessories included corsets, capes, opera gloves, tiaras and crowns. Kodi Smit-McPhee wore red Bottega Veneta with a white tuxedo shirt and leather jeans to go with it. 

Hamis Bowles had a Verdura crown. This crown was criticized as being unrelatable today and also as unrelated to the event as it was seen in the 1950s.

Billie Eilish wore a Gucci satin and green lace and made one of the statements in the party. Lenny Kravitz wore leather and lace and Paloma Elsesser wore white. 

Emma Stone on the Met Gala 2022

Emma Stone wore white Louis Vuitton slip dress and Hailey Bieber also wore white Saint Laurent. Both dresses were said to be of somewhat acceptable to the theme of the event. 

Emma Stone on the Met Gala 2022.

Kim Kardashian’s Happy Birthday Dress

The event was a yin and yang of many contradicting and good dresses. Many dresses screamed less is more and many blew away the fact and had high-royalty dresses that were a reminder of the fact that maybe fashion is left to the wealthy. 

Kim Kardashian Met Gala 2022

Chic Is Dead

The Guardian also reviewed the Met Gala 2022 and bluntly labeled the event as one simply claiming chic is dead. They said the event had modern party dresses and fancy dresses dominating the event.

Dressing up seems to be going out of fashion, and the recent trailblazing of the event was seen as the biggest proof. The Met is considered to be the fashion’s biggest night, and looking spectacular was the norm rather than stylish. 

This seemed to resonate in many dressings Kylie Jenner wore baseball caps and so did Nicki Minaj. Both white and worn on the flip with a veil. 

Jessie Buckley wore a Schiaparelli suit and a fake mustache. Gigi Hadid wore a burgundy latex bodysuit and a puffer jacket. 

Gucci designer Alessandro Michele and Jared Leto

Jared Leto and Alessandro Michele, Gucci designers came as identical twins from their bow ties to their hair barrettes. Irina Shayk wore a black leather jacket.

But what The Guardian in their article claimed was that chic was dead. One of the primary reasons that chic was dead was due to social media. What was considered good taste is now simply out of the park.

The party and its theme looked to be entirely beside the point, and it looked like the real event was for the social media and the screens. 

If anyone has a hard time believing this claim, then they could take solace from the fact that Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn’s dress was seen by her more than 300 million followers well before her invitees at the event did. 

Hillary Clinton with her elegant dress at the Gala. 

Hillary Clinton on the other hand tried to add layers and concepts to her dress and outfit. She attended the gala for the first time in almost two decades and wore a burgundy Altuzarra gown. 

The gown had names of 60 American women who had inspired her dress. The names included Abigail Adams, Clara Barton, Rosa Parks, Dorothy Rodham etc. 

Fancy Dress vs Elegance: What Next?

Many reviewers termed the event as not being up to the mark, as they said the red carpet was for laughs rather than classic dresses or elegance. Social media and its perks have killed what was once considered good fashion. 

The event had more fancy dresses than classic fashion ones. Social media continues to have a major influence on the event and many dresses, but we can still hope maybe elegant dresses and intelligent fashion statements come to light again.