Michael Jordan and Casino Games: A Match Made in Heaven?

Michael Jordan

Many famous sports personalities have fallen in love with the casino industry over the years, and for good reason. Not only can their bankrolls support massive wagers, but the balance between risk and reward is another compelling motivational factor.

One perfect example of such passion involves basketball legend Michael Jordan, particularly throughout his younger years playing with the Chicago Bulls.

Let’s take a quick look at some interesting stories associated with his previous wagers as well as his impact upon the casino industry as a whole.

A Born Wagering Enthusiast

One of the traits that can often be attributed to aggressive personalities who enjoy an occasional “roll of the dice” involves their attraction to games that rely just as much upon luck as they involve skill. Michael Jordan certainly qualifies for this observation.

For instance, it has been rumored that he once wagered $100,000 dollars on a game of rock-paper-scissors. While this might seem like an outlandish figure to the average individual, we must remember that Jordan was earning millions of dollars each year at the time.

A Versatile Player

Michael Jordan was famous for his ability to adapt while on the court, but it seems as if this very same trait carried over into the world of casinos.

Unlike some other sports personalities, he did not limit himself to one genre of games. It is said that Jordan was a fan of roulette, craps, poker and blackjack. It was easy to spot him in a casino, an important risk to the privacy of “His Airness”.

Online gambling could be an alternative for those like Jordan, easy to recognize wherever they go: he wouldn’t have needed to go to a local casino, as he would have been able to play from home. Back then online casinos didn’t exist, which made it impossible to maintain his privacy while playing his favorite casino games.

Nowadays, having access to online casino sites, such as Royal Panda Casino, makes gambling more accessible.

Sports Betting

Anyone who is an avid fan of Michael Jordan is well aware that his physical prowess was not limited to the basketball court alone. Indeed, he eventually became a respected golfer in his own right. It is likewise rumoured that Jordan enjoyed wagering on golf tournaments such as the PGA Open.

As yet another tribute to his sheer wealth, many have stated that Jordan bet a cool $1 million dollars while on a ten-day holiday with friend Richard Esquinas; reportedly over who would win a one-on-one golf competition.

Having said this, Michael Jordan seems to have slightly calmed down in recent times.

It is also important to mention that Jordan has played an incredibly influential role in attracting younger fans to the online casino community.

There are likewise a number of games which have been based around the theme of basketball thanks in no small part to his fame alone.

Although not all of us have his bankroll, there is little doubt that the games themselves are just as attractive. Might we witness Jordan sitting at the table alongside other greats during the World Series of Poker? The verdict is still out on this one.