Michaela Romanini: Before & After Plastic Surgery

Michaela Romanini Dream of Looking Beautiful turns into Nightmare

Michaela Romanini, an Italian socialite known for her many plastic surgeries started at a very tender age.

Celebrities are preoccupied with the new concept of looking attractive through plastic surgery. In the ongoing effort to look young and flawless, celebrities are always ready to do just about anything to become, and stay, picture-perfect.

Plastic surgery is a variety of procedures that reshapes or repairs the structure of the body. Although the term is normally linked with procedures of beautification, it includes a wide variety of practical operations such as reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, burns treatment, and more.

Whatever the reason, the choice to undergo surgery should be taken thoughtfully, one must always review the possible risks as well that could be worst more than our expectations and sometimes it backfires, and the consequences turn out less-than-desirable.

Italian socialite Michaela Romanini is one of the victims of the worst effect of plastic surgery.

She is as well-known in Italy as Paris Hilton is in the United States. Starting at a young age, she started experimenting with plastic surgery and ended up becoming an unreal thing.

Michaela Romanini: Before & After Plastic Surgery

Once a beautiful young woman, all the plastic surgery Romanini has had a harsh and extreme impact on her face. Her face has transformed drastically since she began possessing plastic surgery.

Michaela’s chosen procedure was lip collagen injections. Eventually, the injections become like a drug to Romanini, who proceeded to have them until her lips morphed her into what seemed like a strange creature.

Michaela Romanini Before & After Surgery

Michaela Romanini is absolutely not only in this obsession. The unfortunate fact is that more and more celebrities experiment with plastic surgery.

It is starting to become the norm in Hollywood. Some of the most well-known examples include both male and female stars.

Michael Jackson famously changed himself into a fairer-skinned, thinner-nosed African American man through the use of plastic surgery and other techniques.

Mickey Rourke had his nose and cheeks replaced, in part to fix injury from boxing injuries.

Barry Manilow experienced a series of surgeries and procedures, including facelifts, Botox injections, and eyelid surgeries.

The beautiful Megan Fox seems like a totally changed person in the before and after photos.

Michaela Romanini: Before & After Plastic Surgery

Once charming, Lindsay Lohan delved into procedures such as lip injections and Botox treatments, transforming her face.

Courtney Love, Denise Richards, and Jessica Simpson have all shown regrets over having undergone surgeries or other enhancing procedures.

Other celebrities undergo surgeries to enhance their breast or butt size. Kim Kardashian underwent both procedures.

Victoria Beckham had breast augmentation surgery to enhance her size from a 34A to a 34DD, only to have the procedure reversed. “No torpedo bazookas. Gone,” she told Vogue magazine in 2011.

It is the sad reality that the criteria of beauty become the physical appearance only that’s why these artificial things taking place of natural things.