Michel Smith Boyd Marriage – Overview Of His Personal & Professional Life 

Michel Smith Boyd

In the new HGTV program Luxe for Less, Michel Smith Boyd and his crew will completely renovate homes. 

The show provides exclusive tips that enable homeowners to live a nice lifestyle without breaking the bank. 

It goes on to say that Michel will employ intelligent buying strategies, repurpose furniture, and buy easily fixable scratch and dent appliances.

The designer will reach luxury design with all of this. 

The focus of the series is on homeowners trying to renovate their homes fashionably at a reasonable cost. 

On December 1, 2022, Luxe For Less began airing on Discovery+ every Thursday.

Interest in Michel’s personal life has grown as viewers are eager to watch Michel and his colleagues host the show. Let’s find out about his marriage and other details about his life.

It is difficult to determine whether Michel is married or even in a relationship because he has never discussed it. 

Michel, a gifted interior and product designer, looks to be totally committed to his job based on his Instagram feed. 

Along with films and pictures of Michel and his crew, the master designer also flaunts some model-like images of himself. 

While he does have a couple of pictures with a pretty woman on his profile, it seems like it’s all business. 

According to HGTV, the lady in question is Kai Williamson, Michel’s confidante, business partner, friend, and fellow designer. But there is no concrete evidence about it. 

Michel Smith Boyd, Luxe for Less Host 

Even though Michel has established himself in the design profession, he claimed that since discovering his passion, he hasn’t looked back, even though it wasn’t his first choice. 

The Louisiana-born and raised host of Luxe for Less are renowned for his elegant and well-tailored interiors. His age and birthdate aren’t known to the general public. 

He values maintaining his privacy. 

Michel Smith Boyd, the creator of SMITH BOYD Interiors and a lifestyle brand, is skilled at designing opulent yet livable spaces because he wants to create beautiful and welcoming spaces. 

The television personality and luxury designer worked in a variety of fields while residing in New York before finding his footing in the industry.

He pursued acting classes, worked in fashion and retail, and tried to break into the modeling industry. 

He claimed that there was no going back once he was inside the building for decoration and design. 

During his sophomore year at The Art Institute of Atlanta, he enrolled and began working with customers. 

According to a press release from Luxe for Less, Michel believes everyone deserves luxury, regardless of their financial situation. 

The high-end designer has collaborated with numerous celebrities. The host is aware of “where to spend and where to cut costs.” 

Wallpaper is one of the things the designer likes to incorporate into his approach since he enjoys layering. 

Michel enjoys paying attention to minor things, such as who works for him.

He significantly influenced the cast members of Luxe for Less season one. He claimed that his right-hand woman, Kai Williamson, could present an alternative viewpoint.

Michel claims that Anthony Williamsons, the maker, is able to create something from nothing. The fashion designer is eager to collaborate with him because she has always admired his style.

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