Michigan Mom Was Arrested For Catfishing Her Daughter

Michigan Mom Catfishing Daughter

News broke that a Michigan mom was arrested for catfishing her daughter. Kendra Licari of Michigan faces felony charges for the alleged crime of catfishing her own daughter and sending thousands of hateful messages over the course of months. 

According to Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney David Barberi, an astonishing number of text messages were discovered during the investigation, sent to both Licari’s daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. 

The digital footprint left behind is expected to have a heavy influence on the eventual court proceedings against Licari.

James Licari, who has been charged with cyber stoning, had allegedly been sending threatening messages to her daughter through social media since early 2021. 

After the daughter and her boyfriend’s parents highlighted the issue to their school and law enforcement was informed, Licari reportedly did not stop. 

It was when investigators traced the messages back to her this spring that they identified her as the source. These disturbing allegations highlight why online safety invasions must be taken seriously.

The arrest of Licari for the threats sent to Beal City Public Schools came as a complete shock to Superintendent William Chilman and many others. The initial suspicion wasn’t even directed towards her, believing that the anonymous sender was a student instead. 

It was after authorities began investigating further and looked at patterns between the multiple phone numbers and area codes used that this connection came to light. 

Through an innovative mix of software, Licari attempted to make it show as if it were other students who sent the threats. Unfortunately, this attempt at obfuscation failed in the end.

Barbara Licari was accused of stalking a minor and trying to conceal her digital identity by using false aliases on internet chat rooms. 

However, the FBI agent assigned to her case, Anthony Barberi, was able to track her movements due to changes in Licari’s IP addresses right before and after she sent messages online. 

The investigation led to multiple charges against Licari, prompting her arrest with a $5,000 bond release order from the court. This case serves as a reminder of how easily an online presence can be tracked, even when hiding behind false identities.

The recent police documents released regarding the accusations that a mother from North Carolina sent her daughter threatening messages have caused quite a stir. 

While the suspect, Maria Licari, and her attorney have no comment at this time, the police documents state that when presented with evidence on the matter, she herself admitted to sending the messages. 

Speculations are now beginning to surface as to why Licari may have acted in such haste. What fueled her apparent animosity towards her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend? 

We will likely not receive any answers until Licari attends court later in December, where it will be judged if there is enough evidence to pursue the case further.

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