Mighty Watts Revolutionizing Renewable Energy

Mighty Watts: Revolutionizing Renewable Energy

There is no disagreement over the fact that climate change is a grave problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions that threaten food production are just some of the severe consequences of climate change. One of the biggest contributors to this change are non-renewable energy sources, including fossil fuels and coal. The extraction and mining of these resources cause acute damage to the environment, further adding to climate change.

Many organizations and individuals are now looking into renewable energy sources. These resources, which mainly include solar power, wind power and hydro-electric power are not only environmentally-friendly, they are also renewable, that is, they have an infinite supply. However, the biggest drawback of using these energy sources is that except for solar power, all of them require a big chunk of land and a large investment. This explains why households and other small-scale setups are using solar power only.

But using solar power is not feasible all the time. Let’s say, if one lives in a place that hardly gets sunlight, then it would be very difficult for him to rely on solar power only for wind generation. This is where Mighty Watts comes into play.

Roger Phillips

Roger Phillips: Founder of Mighty Watts

Mighty Watts is a US-based startup that offers a sustainable energy projection method. Founded by Roger Philips, the startup aims to make affordable and sustainable energy accessible to all. Their main product is the Highly Efficient Wind Generator, which is a small wind turbine. Unlike conventional wind turbines, these can be fitted in your home, office or any other building, and can generate enough electricity to light up the whole place.

How It Works:

What makes these wind turbines unique is not only their size or affordability but also the way they have been engineered. They are designed to:

Increase the wind speed: These highly efficient wind generators increase the wind speed by forcing the wind, in the given swept area, through a smaller area – similar to when a river narrows forming rapids. By doing so, they increase the velocity, which means 8 times more energy is produced by just doubling the speed of the wind. The best part? These wind turbines can increase velocity irrespective of the wind direction.

Wind Turbine

Leverage from the outer parameters: The wind turbines force the wind to the “outer” parameters to pass through a smaller turbine blade access area and benefit from velocity and leverage. This is done by placing a cone in the middle of a somewhat larger surface area diffusing the wind away from the center and through the smaller turbine blade access area located at the outer parameters.

Use a Venturi behind the turbine blades: Betz Law states you can only increase the wind speed by 59.3%. The reason being, when the turbine takes out 59.3% of the energy in the wind (the maximum), the wind is then slowed down to the same speed it entered. This then acts as a resistance to the incoming wind and any excess will find another way around. By installing a Venturi that takes the wind from the outside, that is traveling at the outside wind speed and forces it through a smaller area, the wind will increase in speed behind the turbine blades to eliminate the resistance

Narrow the wind access area: Now, with no resistance to the incoming wind, the wind access area can be narrowed another 59.3%. The turbine will then take out 59.3% of the energy from the increased wind speed, and return it to the same speed the Venturi is increasing the wind behind the turbine blades.

Eliminate the low pressure pocket: The compressed wind from the Venturi and from behind the turbine blades will decompress in the reverse cone of the Venturi, filling the low pressure pocket that would normally occur, and returns the wind to the same speed as it entered the unit; no low pressure pocket and no turbulence.

Might Watts has definitely proved to be a game changer in the renewable energy sector. To know more about their product, visit their website: www.mightywatts.com


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