Mikala Jones Photos: Surfer Passed Away In A Brutal Accident

mikala jones photos

From breathtaking sunsets silhouetting surfers to exhilarating moments of wave-riding perfection, Mikala Jones photos are a visual feast for surf enthusiasts and photography lovers alike.

In a devastating turn of events, professional surfer Mikala Jones has tragically lost his life in a surfing accident in Indonesia. 

Recently, the news of Jones’ passing has left the surfing community in mourning, as he was renowned for his captivating photography, particularly his breathtaking photos captured inside the tube of waves.

Jones’s daughter, Bella, took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news of her father’s passing. 

Accompanied by a gallery of poignant images, including a childhood snapshot of Jones and Bella on a surfboard, Bella expressed her deep sorrow and paid tribute to her father. 

She acknowledged his passion for surfing and emphasized how much she missed him, cherishing the memories and life lessons he had imparted.

Surfing Legend and Talented Artist

Mikala’s father, Dr. John Jones, shared his grief and admiration for his son, describing him as a humble artist and praising his incredible photography skills. 

Subsequently, Mikala Jones amassed a significant following on Instagram, showcasing his remarkable images that offered a unique perspective of the inside of waves. 

Jones’s work graced the pages of magazines, including The Surfer’s Journal, and the surfing community respected and admired his talent.

Surfing Accident Claims Mikala Jones Life

The fatal incident occurred while Mikala Jones was enjoying his passion for surfing in Indonesia. 

Tragically, the fin of his surfboard accidentally caused a severe injury to his thigh, cutting his femoral artery, a vital blood vessel responsible for supplying blood to the lower body. 

Even though medical attention was provided immediately, the surfers could not save Jones, leaving a profound void in the surfing world.

Tributes Pour In from Peers and Loved Ones

Following the news of Mikala Jones’ untimely passing, an outpouring of grief and tributes flooded social media platforms. 

Surfing icon Kelly Slater expressed his sorrow, referring to Jones as a “Legend” accompanied by a heartbroken emoji. 

Friends, family, and members of the surfing community shared their heartfelt condolences, commemorating Jones’ life and the indelible mark he left on the sport.

A Life Devoted to Surfing and Capturing Beauty

Mikala Jones’ deep love for surfing began at an early age, growing up in Hawaii. He embraced the sport, competing in amateur events and earning two national championships. 

As he ventured into adulthood, Jones moved to Indonesia.

There he dedicated his life to chasing waves across the globe and capturing their magnificence through his photography. 

His images offered a unique glimpse into the beauty of the ocean, showcasing his passion for travel and surfing.

Mikala Jones Photo

Mikala Jones, an artist and a photographer, began his journey in the 1990s. 

He ingeniously attached a camera to a fabric fastener on his board. Positioning it under his chin as he paddled out to waves, lying on his stomach. 

After popping up, he would grab the camera and hold it behind himself to capture breathtaking images. He started using a GoPro to take photos, which helped him gain company sponsorship.

According to his father, Jones’s photos were nothing short of incredible. His ability to capture selfies with waves curling around him while he crouched on his board became a signature style.

Jones frequently shared these captivating images on his Instagram, showcasing his passion for surfing and his unique perspective.

One of his final photos attracted an outpouring of comments from fellow surfers after the heartbreaking news of Jones’s passing. The photo was posted on May 28.

Legacy Carried Forward

The loss of Mikala Jones is intense and mourned by many. His legacy will live on through his wife, Emma Brereton, and their daughters, Bella and Violet. 

As Bella expressed in her heartfelt tribute, she is determined to carry on her father’s legacy. She is grateful for their precious moments and the invaluable life lessons he taught her.

The Surfing World Remembers Mikala Jones

Mikala Jones’ untimely passing serves as a reminder of the inherent risks and dangers that professional surfers face, even in pursuit of their greatest passions. 

The surfing community mourns the loss of an extraordinary talent and a kind-hearted individual whose contributions to the sport will forever be remembered.

Moving Forward with Fond Memories

As the surfing world continues to grapple with the loss of Mikala Jones, it is essential to cherish the memories he created through his awe-inspiring photography and his adventurous spirit. 

His legacy reminds us to embrace life’s moments, pursue our passions, and appreciate the beauty surrounding us.

Mikala Jones’ spirit will forever be felt in the waves he rode and the images he captured, as Bella expressed in her heartfelt tribute. She is determined to carry on her father’s legacy.

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