Mike Day SEAL Obituary & Cause Of Death

Mike Day SEAL obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared by his family anytime soon.

mike day seal obituary

No cause of death has been shared yet.

Retired Navy SEAL Mike Day passed away on March 27, 2023. He was alleged to have died by committing suicide.

After becoming the first member of his squad to enter a room in a village close to Fallujah, Iraq, on Friday, April 6, 2007, Mike Day was caught in the crossfire of a vicious firefight with three Al-Qaeda members.

The fighting lasted for several minutes. Once the enemy soldiers began to fire, Day was struck by a total of 27 distinct bullets. 

His body armor blocked eleven shots, but the 16 remaining bullets entered his body and left him in a critical situation.

He was rendered unconscious when a grenade detonated approximately 10 feet away from him.

Mike Day claimed that when he woke up around one minute later, he had already killed 2 other combatants with the pistol. “The moment I stepped through the threshold, they abruptly opened up on me.” 

He explained the sensation as being similar to that of being hit over the head with a sledgehammer. 

“As soon as I realized I was about to be shot, the first thing I prayed was, ‘God, bring me back to my girls.’ That was the first prayer I ever prayed to God and it was a sincere plea.” 

It was a miracle that he was able to get up and walk to a medical helicopter when the fighting had finally come to an end.

When people hear about what happened to Day, they cannot believe it. He stated, “I was there, and I can’t believe it even though I was there. I took 27 bullets, 16 of which pierced my flesh, and 11 of which were blocked by my body armor.”

The Navy SEAL was only hospitalized for a total of sixteen days before being discharged and presented with the Purple Heart, which is the oldest military decoration that is still presented to active duty service members in the US.

During that time, he lost approximately four stone in weight.

The Carrick Brain Centers in Dallas provided him with treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder over the course of the subsequent years.

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