Millicent Omanga Video – Indecent, Inappropriate, & Immodest

Millicent Omanga Video Image

The Millicent Omanga video has created controversy on the internet. Different Kenyans and social media users are trying to figure out the motive and source behind the alleged video leak. 

The leaked video got so much hype and attention because Millicent Omanga is not an ordinary individual.

She is the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Security and an accomplished Kenyan politician. 

The video is currently trending at number 1 on Twitter. On the one hand, many people have opposed the leak of such a compromising video of the CAS, whereas, on the other hand, many people are getting a bang out of it. 

The Millicent Omanga video shows a woman who claims to be the CAS lying on the bed half-n*ked. 

The woman’s eyes are closed, and many people assume she is unconscious in the video.

For someone like Omanga, just the claim of a video leak could damage her reputation beyond repair. 

The recent viral video has gained notoriety in the press and is continuously being shared, watched, and commented on. 

Millicent Omanga Video
Millicent Omanga Video

How did Millicent Omanga react to the leaked video?

The CAS in the Ministry of Internal Security finally broke her silence after her leaked intimate video kept circulating on the internet. 

Omanga addressed the accusation in a post on Facebook. Surprisingly, she did not clarify whether the woman in the video was her. 

She displayed the utmost maturity in this situation and chose not to play the blame game. 

In her Facebook post, she wrote, “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. Luke 10:19. Blessed day peeps.”

The CAS chose to quote the Bible to put an end to all the rumors. She neither accepted nor denied her presence in the video.

Millicent Omanga is a profoundly loved politician. Within minutes of creating a Facebook post, her fans flooded her comments section with messages of positivity and courage.

Her fans told her to stay strong and disregard any feelings of threat or blackmail. 

If and when the CAS decides to take legal action against those who spread her leaked video, the Constitution of Kenya will come to her aid.

Article 31 of the Constitution makes distributing indecent images/videos of anyone a punishable offense. 

The person who commits a crime of such a category could be fined an amount upto two lakhs, imprisoned for two years, or both. 

Many people have claimed that someone photoshopped Omanga’s face on another woman’s body in the viral Millicent Omanga video. 

As of now, the Chief Administrative Secretary has not hinted at taking any legal action. Only time will tell if she will put the rumors to rest by following the legal course of action.

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