Miro Pricing vs Trello Pricing – A 2022 Review

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Miro Pricing vs Trello Pricing - A 2022 Review

The Miro software is a whiteboard tool that is used by world-renowned names like Fortune. Created in 2011, Miro software has been able to enhance communication between teams through tools for brainstorming, diagramming, and agile workflows.

The Trello project management system was also introduced in 2011 for the first time. It is, however, a Kanban-style tool so you can track tasks and manage teamwork. 

This is your guide around Miro pricing vs Trello pricing so you can see what is provided by each option:

Miro Pricing 

Since Miro software is fast becoming the number one choice for creative teams who are streamlining marketing campaigns, it could be useful to see how it can support different team sizes. The Miro pricing features five options:


This is an ideal option for users who want to ease into using Miro software and learn about it before opting for other subscription options. This option includes several supportive tools. For instance, it provides access to premade templates library so you can create projects without having to start from scratch. 

Additionally, it can be used to access core integrations with apps like Google Drive, Microsoft, One Drive, Zapier, and more. And lastly, it can be helpful in basic attention management. You can, first of all, bring all users to the same board. Secondly, you can track what others are up to. 


The team Miro pricing $10. It has various features for growing teams who want better collaboration management options. For instance, you can invite unlimited visitors to be able to collaborate with others. The option to customize templates lets you personalize each project and ensure that your projects are under your control. 

Likewise, you can organize all your boards in the project’s feature and maintain profiles easily. Furthermore, private boards give you the ability to make edits and keep sensitive information private. 


The cost of the business option is $20. It includes all the tools that are part of the team plan. Additionally, there are many high-end tools that can improve your meetings and conferences so you can communicate across teams more efficiently.

The Miro Smart Meetings give you control over what attendees can access during the meetings. Likewise, you can also provide necessary tools to participants by integrating templates. 


The enterprise pricing integrates SIEM apps, data governance, and centralized account management. Moreover, it facilitates the requirements of large-scale firms as you can manage licenses and will be provided with access to a flexible licensing program. In addition, you will receive access to DevOps and CA Rally integrations too.

The charges of this option are based on the number of users who will be coming on board and the minimum number of users must be 50. 


The last option of the Miro project management cost is designed to support workspaces for clients. You can maintain secure and private spaces for clients so that each party can maintain control over the project while being able to communicate. Users will retain access to custom templates to transform data into projects. Moreover, it equips users with control access for better management options. The consultant option charges $15. 

Trello Pricing 

Many people who are looking for simple management tools opt for Trello. It supports project management and simplifies workflows. Each Trello pricing facilitates users who are working with teams of different sizes. Let’s see what each pricing plan encompasses:


People who want to manage tasks on an individual level or want to get started with Trello may find this option to be sufficient. It can be used to create unlimited cards for information management. It even provides unlimited data storage but the file size is limited to 10MB. In fact, you can optimize power-ups to make sure that your work is streamlined.

Users are provided access to run up to 250 workspace commands. With access to the unlimited activity log, you can also control every angle of the project. Likewise, you can set assignees to perform certain tasks and set due dates to ensure that tasks are delivered on certain dates. 


The Trello cost of the standard pricing option is $6 and it is billed on a monthly basis. It covers the entire range of the tools provided by the free plan. Additionally, it can be used to create unlimited boards and advanced checklists, and add custom fields too. 

This plan supports 1,000 workspace commands per month and retains unlimited storage. The files can be as large as 250MB. Single board guests let you invite clients and collaborators so you can work in synchronization. 


The cost of the premium pricing option is around $12. It is equipped with a range of features for visual task management. For example:

  • Dashboard view
  • Map view
  • Calendar view
  • Timeline view
  • Map View

Workspace view

Users can run unlimited workspace commands each month. Similarly, you can invite observers who can effectively participate in task management. Meanwhile, the collections option lets you maintain all details comprehensively as well. And lastly, simple data export lets you manage information with simple processes. 


The last option is for enterprise-scale features like unlimited workspaces and organization-wide permissions. Moreover, you can manage boards across the organization. The public board management option lets you control the visible details and who can edit them, etc. The price can be requested by filling in a form on the website. 

Final Thoughts

The Miro project management empowers creativity by letting you turn mind maps and stickies into actionable lists. The Trello software, on the other hand, supports creative and marketing teams through organized boards, the Butler automation integration, and visual tools as well.

Each has its own charm and while Miro is dynamic software, the Trello platform gives a more organized way of task management. The Trello software reviews also relate a positive experience while using the platform to streamline tasks.