Missing Sequoia Samuels Memphis TN – Human Remains Found

missing sequoia samuels memphis tn

The search for missing Sequoia Samuels Memphis, TN continues as the community rallies together in hope of her safe return.

A tragic incident that took place on Thursday night deeply affected the close-knit Memphis community.

Sadly, it is now believed that Sequoia Samuels, a sweet 4-year-old girl who had vanished from her family’s home earlier that same day, is the person whose remains were found.

Brittany Jackson, Sequoia’s mother, and her alleged boyfriend, Jaylon Hobson, were quickly apprehended by the Memphis Police Department, who also filed charges against them in connection with the case.

The local community and law enforcement agencies have joined forces to relentlessly pursue the truth and ensure that justice prevails in this heartbreaking situation.

Disturbing footage of missing Sequoia Samuels Memphis, TN

Sequoia Samuels was reported missing on Thursday from her residence in Memphis’s Uptown area. 

The Tennessee Department of Examination (TBI) uncovered that Sequoia, portrayed as 3 feet tall with a taking care of cylinder on the left half of her stomach, was caught on a close by doorbell camera strolling alone through the area around 3 a.m. nearby time.

When her mother discovered that her daughter had vanished, she immediately contacted the police around 6:30 in the morning.

Law Enforcement’s efforts 

During a press conference held on Thursday evening, Memphis Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Louis Brownlee informed reporters that no evidence suggested Sequoia had been kidnapped. 

MPD Public Information Officer Theresa Carlson further emphasized that there were no indications that Sequoia did anything other than wander away from home. 

Despite some discrepancies in the spelling of Sequoia’s first name in various posts, the investigation remains active and ongoing.

Unfolding charges and detainment in missing Sequoia Samuels Memphis TN case

The Memphis Police Department has taken swift action, charging Sequoia’s mother, Brittany Jackson, with aggravated child neglect, abuse of a corpse, and filing a false offense report. 

Additionally, Jaylon Hobson, Jackson’s alleged boyfriend, faces charges of filing a false offense report. 

Both individuals are currently detained by the Memphis Police Department as they face these serious allegations.

Chief Cerelyn “C.J.” Davis expressed the department’s commitment to finding the truth and ensuring justice for Sequoia.

Awaiting the medical examiner’s report of missing Sequoia Samuels Memphis TN

A medical examiner is expected to examine the recovered human remains in order to provide an accurate identification and ascertain the cause of death.

The tragic fate that young Sequoia Samuels suffered will become clearer as a result of this crucial step in the investigation.

The TBI will work with the office of the medical examiner to get all the information that’s important.

Community grieves the loss of a young life 

Sequoia’s uncle, Samuel Bass, described his niece as an angelic presence who touched the hearts of everyone she encountered. 

People around her were delighted by her curious nature and contagious smile.

The community is in mourning and searching for answers.

The news of her disappearance and discovery of possible human remains has given rise to more curiosity.

The authorities are asking anyone with information regarding this case to come forward and assist with the ongoing investigation.

Additionally, the circumstances surrounding Sequoia’s tragic death are actively being investigated by Memphis and TBI police.

The Memphis community and beyond have been shaken by Sequoia Samuels’ possible disappearance and loss.

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