Mom Does Onlyfans – How Did Her Kids React To It?

mom does only fans

A mom does OnlyFans but the reaction of her kids and their school forces her to speak up against the injustice.

Reportedly, a mother spoke up after she believes her three sons were expelled from their Catholic school in California because she constantly posts on OnlyFans.

The reaction to Crystal Jackson’s OnlyFans images has left her furious. 

Someone leaked the photos to Sacred Heart Parish School in Sacramento, and the school expelled her three kids, aged 8, 10, and 12.

What the school has done to Crytsal’s kids has angered her.

“I didn’t want to be put out there, but at some point, I have to stand up and say I can’t take it anymore because this behavior is horrible,” she says.

“We cannot discuss the status or circumstances of any member of our school or parish community,” adds Sparks.

Why is Crystal Jackson using OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a paid membership site where users can share and monetize their private photos and videos, some of which may be s*xually explicit.

Crystal and her husband, Chris, believe they are on the verge of divorcing.

She turned to OnlyFans in September 2019.

“I found myself pining for the closeness we had shared because of menopause,” she explains.

She added, “We tried several things to spice up our marriage since “no matter what you do, you don’t feel attracted or s*xy.”

Crystal admits she was skeptical that anyone would subscribe to the platform because ‘No one is gonna come to see a mum, that’s ludicrous.’

However, Crystal added that the “mom-next-door” persona she projected was very popular with her audience.

In the following months, she saw thousands of euros come in thanks to her risqué images (20-30% of which she claims are “tasteful” nudes) and accompanying sensual tales.

“The first month’s bill was $14,000, and we were like, ‘What!?'” Crystal and Chris earn $150,000 monthly from their “pretty tame” daily photo and post output, as she recalls.

“It’s a way that I can work on our intimacy and live out my fantasies,” she says. “Taking these pictures has restored my faith in my s*xual prowess,” the model said.

She goes on to say that the closeness in their relationship has improved dramatically due to this discovery and that their marriage is more potent.

Mom does Onlyfans: How does this affect her son?

In July, Crystal alleged, a father from Sacred Heart Parish School discovered Crystal’s OnlyFans website, which caused tensions between the couple.

He informed his wife and told the rest of the faculty and students.

Crystal said that others in the area soon began harassing her.

She explains that “I’m gonna take you down” was their plan from the start.

It hurt me deeply when they sent my images to my school, saying, “This is disgusting, and this is gross.”

“I don’t publish my site. You need to seek it out actively. It’s not like it’s causing anyone harm, and it’s certainly none of their concern,” she says.

Crystal says the moms’ organizations printed all her OnlyFans images and sent them in an anonymous packet to the school’s principal, bishop, and church.

The Jacksons claimed that upon learning of the packet, they wrote a letter to the superintendent outlining the situation.

They offered to show the superintendent the OnlyFans website to ensure Crystal’s content was not p*rnographic, but they never heard back.

“It was discouraging, especially since the email was quite honest and detailed the motivations behind our actions,” says the mother of three, adding that the school eventually removed her from her role as the class mum for second graders due to parental concerns.

Crystal claims that after months of contention, she received an email informing her that her sons had been expelled on Sunday night.

The mother reveals that her sons are “upset” by the decision, albeit they have few details beyond “mom is a big internet model.”

She also alleges the school will add a policy to the handbook stating, “any parent involved in a site or blog that goes against teachings of the church and school philosophy must be removed.”

The model added, “We’re just an ordinary couple living our lives, and I don’t know why somebody would bother a mother to pull her children out of class.”

What will Crystal do now?

Crystal and Chris are researching alternative schools for their sons.

They plan to enroll them in a public school.

They won’t let them into the diocese. And one can wonder if that’s the best decision. She elaborates. The message is loud and clear: “We don’t want you.”

Crystal replies, “In 2021, we are still trying to criticize a married lady for her personal decisions and actions with her partner. It’s a double standard. And body shaming and bullying are lumped together in this way.

“I don’t pry into other people’s affairs, and I’m not passing judgment on your decisions,” she says.  One woman said, “If women could support each other, the world would be better.”

Undoubtedly, mom does OnlyFans has had a negative impact on her kids, but as long as Crystal thinks its okay, then it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone else.

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