Monetizing The Flames Hidden News Behind The Fire Of The Amazon

Monetizing The Flames: Hidden News Behind The Fire Of The Amazon?

Below can be the reasons to think of an intentional fire. It can be the alliance between business interests and state policies.

The Amazon is still burning. Despite efforts to calm the fire, the jungle continues to burn. But while specialists set deadlines to determine when and how the fire ends, behind the dense smoke even darker issues appear: private businesses, business interests and state policies that led to the ecosystem that produces 6% of the oxygen in the Planet is at serious risk.

So while many worry about environmental damage, others think of new business opportunities and the accumulation of power that can be generated through wild deforestation.

More than 20 days after the first foci of gravity began to be reported, many have been responsible for giving various explanations and finding multiple culprits. And although the main urgency is still to control the llamas, the versions and accusations escalated internationally and threaten to generate diplomatic conflicts between Brazil and the rest of the world.

Behind all the sayings, however, lies the reality: the Amazon region is one of the most coveted on the planet for its productive capacity and natural wealth. And that is why, despite hosting 50% of the planet’s biodiversity and being indispensable for combating climate change, it is one of the most important and coveted territories for global business and geopolitics.

With 6.6 million square kilometers, the Amazon basin covers nine countries in South America: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

But 65% of this ecosystem, more than 4.5 million square kilometers, is framed within Brazil and represents more than half of the total area of ​​the country. Thus its interference in both exploitation and environmental protection is total. For this reason and given the pressure of international organizations and NGOs, since the democratic reinstatement in 1985, the various Brazilian governments have committed themselves to the care and conservation of this “lung of the world”.

Several measures were adopted with huge effectiveness for the preservation of the area and deforestation was reduced by 80% by the beginning of this decade. But the change of political sign and the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro to power in Brazil modified this panorama.

Today the Amazon ceases to be seen as a nature reserve and begins to become the object of the desire of companies and the government itself seeking to do business and politics in the jungle.

Out of control

“We returned to an even worse situation than we had in the eighties,” said former minister and former presidential candidate Marina Silva to synthesize the environmental policies that Brazil adopted with the new president.

It is that one of the main promises of Bolsonaro in his candidacy was “to take the State out of the neck of the producers by reducing environmental protections and the application of the law, and stop the demarcations of indigenous lands” and it did not take long to get to the hands of the work to fulfill it.

For his part, the Brazilian Environment Minister, Ricardo Salles, assigned all responsibility for the flames to dry weather, wind and heat, something that contrasts with what all the specialists have said.

Moreover, the minister, against whom some sectors of the neighboring country are promoting a request for a political trial, went further and showed the position of the government: “The conceivable answer for the huge flame of Amazon is to monetize this territory. The laws that were ordered over the most recent 20 years were unreasonably prohibitive for the advancement of the zone, “he said.

But as the accusations cross, the Amazon continues to burn. More than 6 thousand square kilometers were already eaten by the flames. Bolsonaro now accepted international aid, but the damage is already done. “He said he will have ‘zero tolerance’ against environmental crime but his regime has allowed impunity to flourish in the Amazon,” said Poirier.

But once the smoke dissipates, the problems of the Amazon will be there again. Its productive potential, its amount of natural resources and strategic location make it an object of desire. The care of the environment had managed to stop the advancement on this ecosystem, but Bolsonaro decided to play with fire in the jungle.


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