Morgan Bauer Missing: New Evidentiary Items Found During Search

morgan bauer missing

The Morgan Bauer missing case has puzzled law enforcement as well as her family and friends since February 2016. 

Finally, after over five years, a search conducted by the FBI and other agencies uncovered new “items of evidentiary interest” in Porterdale. 

Let’s  delves into the most recent developments, as well as Bauer’s life and tragic disappearance, providing new details on the case.

Bauer’s Move to Georgia

Morgan Bauer was 19 years old when she left Aberdeen, South Dakota, to start a new life in the Atlanta area. 

She had reportedly met someone on Craigslist and agreed to clean their home in exchange for a place to live, as she searched for a permanent residence in the area. 

Her initial arrangement did not work out, and she secured a job as a dancer at The Top of Gainesville club in Hall County. Bauer was known to stay at various motels during this time.

Morgan Bauer missing and Investigation

It was on February 25, 2016, when Bauer disappeared. Initially, authorities suspected that she went missing after her shift at The Top of Gainesville club. 

However, later investigation revealed that she had posted a video from the Porterdale Yellow River Park on February 26, 2016, where a man could be seen following her. 

This video was shared extensively throughout social media platforms and reviews on this case. It was the last time anyone heard from Morgan Bauer.

Search for Bauer

Since Morgan Bauer missing, her family and friends have been involved in an extensive search for any information or clues related to her whereabouts. 

Search parties have been conducted in various locations in Georgia, South Carolina, and Illinois. 

Digital forensic investigations, interviews with witnesses, and various rewards have also been implemented to gather information that may lead to Bauer’s discovery or may uncover any new leads.

Porterdale Search and “Items of Evidentiary Interest”:

After five years, authorities searched a property on South Broad Street in Porterdale on Thursday, July 29, 2021, with credible information and evidence gathered in connection to the disappearance of Morgan Bauer. T

he search covered an extensive area, with multiple agencies involved in the investigation and the current owners of the property cooperating with authorities. 

During a press briefing on the same day, officials confirmed that they found “items of evidentiary interest,” but they could not reveal any further details.

Emotions of Bauer’s Mother

Bauer’s mother, Sherri Keenan, was in shock after learning of the search and the discovery of new items. 

Her spokesperson, Kasey McClure, who has been helping her in the search from day one, stated that the events were sudden and her client’s emotions were raw. 

She is unsure what these findings will reveal, but hopes to receive answers about her daughter’s disappearance soon.


The investigation into Morgan Bauer missing has been ongoing for years, and the recent search conducted in Porterdale and the discovery of new items of evidentiary interest provides new hope for Bauer’s family and friends. 

However, like many cases, the investigation has been long and arduous, with many challenges, leaving the case unresolved. 

Investigators and Bauer’s family continue to work tirelessly to uncover any information that can lead to finding her. 

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