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R programming

R is the programming language programmers and developers use for graphical presentation and statistical computing to visualize as well as analyze data. It is a powerful domain-specific language, which makes it unique to analyze data more simply.

R is not a new language, but it still has the charm to make programmers use it to clean and import data. R is a simpler language, even for beginners with basic to no prior experience in coding and compiling R programs.

When working with R, it is pretty common to have errors. Though an error seems frustrating, it can be solved when you know the basics of R as well as the most common errors.

When you know about the error, you can solve it, and if you have no idea what error you are getting, it makes things tougher for you. Every beginner should know the most common errors they get and what that error means. Have a look at the errors:

Different Errors You May Experience

Error 1 – object not found

It is the common error you can get when trying to learn R. This error shows that the object you used in the project is empty. It is like you are trying to compute a company’s market capitalization. Then you get the error ‘object not found as the ‘budget’, ‘ price’, or any other important object is missing.

Another case is the misspelled or wrong capitalization issue that causes the error.

Error 2 – could not find function

This error pops up when the function is misspelled while writing the code or the package in R is unable to load correctly. It is the error that you get in the console. If the package is not loaded with the function it belongs to; you will likely see the ‘could not find function’ error.

When you get the error, you need to make sure to check the spelling you are writing is correct.

Error 3 – subscript out of bounds

You experience this error for a few reasons. The incorrect use of a nested loop causes the error. Assume you are working on a project having 5 rows in the matrix. The code works fine when you use the size of the first loop same as the number of rows.

As soon as you try to increase the size of the first loop beyond 5, you get the error ‘subscript out of bounds. Another cause of the error is accessing the array out of the boundary.

In case you have a data issue, you also get the error. All you need to do is to clean the data.

Error 4 – Error in if

It is quite normal to use a logical statement like ‘if,’ which is the most used statement in programming if you get the ‘error in if’ warning, you have passed a value that is not yielding.

It is the main cause of the error. If a variable is assigned NA, it also results in NA and no ‘if’ expression is executed.

Error 5 – cannot open the connection

The error shows up when you are trying to open a connection or file and can’t be opened as R cannot find it. It happens because of an error in the path.

Another reason you are getting the error is that the package does not find the system dependency. It happens when failure in .onload() occurs. To avoid the path issue that makes the error appear, the forward slash solves the issue.


These are the most common errors in the R programming beginner experience. The cause of the error and what every error means can help them understand the error to solve it later. Visit learnshareit to learn more about R programming languages.