Murdaugh Custody Photos: Glimpse Behind The Bars

murdaugh custody photos

Alex Murdaugh custody photos have been leaked from his South Carolina jail-issued tablet. 

The pictures, taken throughout June, show Murdaugh lounging shirtless in his prison cell, playing games, and making FaceTime calls. 

These selfies offer a glimpse into his daily life as he serves two life sentences. He was charged with the deaths of his wife, Maggie and son, Paul.

A sneak peek into Murdaugh’s cell

The leaked photos provide a rare glimpse of Alex Murdaugh’s life behind bars. 

Captured by his tablet’s camera each time he logged on, the images depict him in various states, sometimes shirtless, while yawning or smiling. 

Notably, Murdaugh’s ginger hair has grown back since his initial prison photo in March, where he appeared with a shaved head.

Are Murdaugh custody photos a cause for concern?

The South Carolina Department of Corrections confirmed that the photos were taken within their facility and were accessed via the jail-issued tablet.

 This allows inmates to play games, listen to music, and make approved video calls to family and friends.

The leaked Murdaugh custody photos have raised concerns regarding the privacy and security measures within the prison system.

Murdaugh’s Current Situation

Alex Murdaugh’s life as a convicted murderer is far from his previous world of luxury and privilege. 

Housed in McCormick Correctional Institution, he now resides among the state’s most brutal and violent inmates. 

The maximum-security facility, known for its violent history, is closely supervised, and offenders are held in single or double-bunked cells.

While Murdaugh seems to adapt to his new surroundings, some have criticized the use of such tablets in prison, viewing them as a luxury rather than a necessity for inmates. 

The devices aim to help prisoners connect with their loved ones and engage in more meaningful ways. 

However, they have also faced backlash for potentially creating distractions and comfort in prison.

The grisly past

The murder trial revealed a cascade of shocking events, including betrayals, insurance fraud schemes, fatal boat crashes, and financial embezzlement. 

Murdaugh’s crimes against his wife and son were motivated by fear of exposure regarding his financial wrongdoing. 

The trial portrayed a disturbing image of deceit, desperation, and the extreme measures taken by one man to hide his misdeeds, ultimately leading to tragic and devastating consequences for his family.

The Aftermath

Alex Murdaugh continues to draw attention even behind bars. 

According to reports, Netflix has approached him for more episodes of its docuseries, “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.” 

The revelations about his life in prison have sparked debates about the treatment and privileges of incarcerated individuals.


The Murdaugh Custody Photos have ignited discussions surrounding the use of technology in prisons and the balance between inmate rights and public perception.

As the disgraced lawyer serves his life sentence, society grapples with the complexities of justice, privacy, and rehabilitation within the criminal justice system.

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