New COVID Test in Europe: Minister of Health Says New Coronavirus Variant ‘Unstoppable’

New COVID Test in Europe: Minister of Health Says New Coronavirus Variant ‘Unstoppable’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson broke the news on Saturday that London and much of the south and east of England, where things are escalating, will be wearing Level 4 caps similar to the lock seen. spring – just days after they reaffirmed their commitment to rest rules at Christmas time. Johnson noted that there will be no room for home mix in the level 4 districts with the harshest restrictions at Christmas. In lower-risk areas of England, Scotland and Wales, mixing is only allowed at Christmas.

At an emergency meeting called Saturday, Johnson said the virus seems to be spreading more easily and maybe up to 70% more contagious than ever before. first. Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said on Saturday that the new change was responsible for 60% of the diseases in London, which almost doubled last week. Like other newer models or versions of Covid-19, one has a small hand-held device that makes it easy to track, and it happens to be a familiar one. This does not mean that the change caused it to spread more easily, nor does it mean that this change is more dangerous.

The variant of the coronavirus in Spanish farm workers has spread rapidly across most of Europe since summer and now accounts for the majority of new Covid-19 cases in several countries. – and more than 80 percent in the UK. An international team of scientists who have observed the virus through its genetic mutations described the surprising spread of a variable known as 20A.EU1 in a research article to be published Thursday.

Their work suggests that holidaymakers in Spain played a key role in spreading the virus across Europe, raising questions about the possibility of a second wave. across the continent with a better screening at airports and other hubs. transport. Because each variable has its own genetic signature, it can be traced back to where it came from. Scientific teams in Switzerland and Spain are now in a hurry to study the behavior of the variable to see if it could be more lethal or infectious than other series.

Dr. Hodcroft emphasizes that “there is no evidence of [rapid] spread of a mutation caused by a mutation that increases mobility or affects clinical outcomes.” Specifically, teams working with virology labs to determine whether 20A.EU1 has a specific mutation in the “spike protein” used by the virus to enter human cells, which can change his behavior. All cells that develop mutations – changes in each letter of their genes code – can be combined into new mutations and types. Another modification to Sars-Cov-2, dubbed D614G, has been proven and is believed to increase bacterial proliferation.

First, the level of volatility is higher in areas where the situation is higher. This is a warning sign, although it can be explained in two ways. The virus spreads easily and causes more infections. But change can also lead to a successful breakdown if you get the right people on time. One explanation for the spread of the “Spanish strain” during the summer is that people simply catch it on vacation and then take it home. Laboratory testing will be required to see if this option is significantly better than the others.

The EU government says it is working under the weight of law agreed on Saturday in London and its environs by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He quickly put the divisions in a new state of limited Phase 4, saying that the rapid rate of new bacterial transplantation is 70% more lethal than the emergencies that cause it. The rapid spread of new diseases in London and the south of England.

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