Nicholas Cage’s Ex-Wife Alice Kim – How She Attended Her Ex Husbands Wedding

Nicolas Cage’s Ex-Wife Alice Kim

Alice Kim, Nicolas Cage’s ex-wife, made headlines in 2021 when she attended her ex-wedding husband’s wedding to Riko Shibata.

Alice Kim was married to a Hollywood actor, Nicolas Cage, for almost a decade. Following his most recent marriage in February of 2021, Kim is the third of Cage’s five wives.

Alice Kim’s Life

Alice Kim was born on December 27th, 1983, in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a typical Korean home where they teach their kids some culture and values.

Her ancestors relocated from Korea to the United States of America, therefore the girl was raised with Eastern cultural practices and followed Korean culture her whole life.

Kim learned to cook food when she was young as it was her hobby. She began working as a waiter in the nightspot ‘Le Prive,’ a Korean-themed restaurant in the United States, for the love of cuisine.

Nicolas Cage was 52 when he met Kim, who was 20 at the time in February 2004, while she was working as a waitress at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Nicholas Cage fell madly in love with her instantaneously when she was serving Cage on his table in the restaurant, as if it were a fantasy.

Nevertheless, the couple’s age gap did not stop them from feeling love for the first time, and who would have guessed that this stare would last all the way to their wedding?

Exchanging Vows

After dating for months straight, Cage decided to finalize their relationship and he proposed to Alice Kim. Their love for each other grew stronger as the days passed.

Cage came to Kim’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. Although Alice’s mother was concerned about the pair’s 20-year age gap at first.

But after witnessing their love for one another, she gave her approval and the couple got engaged within two months of meeting each other.

In August 2004, the pair married on a ranch in Northern California. They chose to marry sooner than planned so that she might accompany him to South Africa for the shooting of Cage’s film Lord of War. 

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim enjoyed their honeymoon in South Africa under a hail of gunshots because he was shooting for the movie there. Kim, on the other hand, appeared to love the demanding environment.

The allure of South Africa’s animals, nature and magnificent landscape was enough to make up for the daily downpour of wasted shells on shoot.

Alice Kim even appeared in a few roles in films starring her spouse Cage, including ‘Next’ (2007) and ‘Grindhouse’ (2007).

The age difference and racial disparities between them frequently stirred debate, but Cage brushed aside the criticism and stated that he made a conscious choice to marry outside of his ethnicity and into a distinct culture.

After a year passed, their son Kal-El Coppola Cage came into this World on October 3 2005. Their son is now 15 years old, and often seen with his father.

The name is not even a mystery, their son’s name came from Superman’s real name, which is Kal-El. It was Nicolas Cage who decided to name his son Kal-El Cage.

Their Marriage Had Reached Rock Bottom

They stayed together for over twelve years, making her his longest relationship in his run of marriages. The pair eventually ended the relationship in 2016. 

Although it was Cage’s longest relationship to date, we are not sure what happened between the power couple.

Some sources tell that Alice Kim cheated on Nicolas Cage and after finding that both separated their ways. Cage has not yet revealed the actual factor behind their divorce.

Recently, Kim attended Cage’s wedding ceremony in 2021, indicating that the ex-couple is still on good terms.

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim had both decided to give their child a better life no matter how their relationship ended. They are standing strong for their beloved son.

Cage, on the other hand, has been spotted many times with his ex-wife, Kim and a son, Kal-El. They still go out shopping and are often seen hanging around each other.

First Public Scandal

The police brought Cage into jail when eyewitnesses spotted him stridently screaming with his wife whilst drunk during a heated fight between Cage and Kim, which culminated in a domestic violence complaint. 

The event occurred in New Orleans. And during the argument, spectators saw him push Kim. Despite the fact that Cage was accused of domestic violence and public intoxication, he was freed on bail.

While Alice declined to put further charges or speak on the matter, claiming that she was not assaulted. Eventually, the charges were dismissed.

Nicolas Cage And His Five Marriages

Cage has married several times in the past, and he continues to do so. In 2002, he was married to Lisa Marie Presley for nearly 4 months before divorcing her.

He also married Patricia Arquette in April 1995, which was his first marriage. Cage was getting married for the first time. They were married for five years before getting a divorce in 2001.

Cage also has a 25-year-old son, Weston, from a romance he had when he first started his professional career. It was 1988, and he was dating Christina Fulton, a famous model.

Weston Coppola Cage, the couple’s son, was born on December 26, 1990. Weston has been a member of two different black metal bands.

He also played a helicopter mechanic in his dad’s movie Lord of War. Cage has two grandkids through Weston, who were born in 2014 and 2016.

Cage took an extended pause after his divorce from Alice Kim, his third wife. Then, in March 2019, Cage wedded Erika Koike in Las Vegas, and the two maintained a low-key relationship.

They had just been married for four days when they filed for divorce. Erika Koike had been found cheating and had concealed numerous secrets from Cage, which was the cause.

Cage was given a divorce from Koike in June of this year. Cage stated that he and Koike were both inebriated at the time.

What’s Hot!

Nicolas Cage exchanged vows with Riko Shibata, who is a 27-year-old woman, in February 2021 in Las Vegas, following their petty divorce.

Nicolas Cage exchanged vows with Riko Shibata, who is a 27-year-old woman, in February 2021 in Las Vegas, following their petty divorce. His ex-wife, Alice Kim along with their son, Kal-El also attended the wedding ceremony.

The pair apparently met via mutual friends when he was shooting for his movie, Prisoners Of The Ghostland. Cage and his new wife Riko Shibata are expecting their third child.

The pair has been married for little over a year, and their first anniversary will be in February 2022.

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