Nikko Santo Pietro, Son of Vanna White & George Santo 

Nikko Santo Pietro

Nikko Santo Pietro is a famous American Chef who loves to work and spend quality time in nature. He is the son of Vanna White, a well-known TV host in the United States, best known for moderating the long-running game show Wheel of Fortune.

Here we get to know more about this incredible human being;

Early Life, Family & Education

Niko Santo Pietro was born to Vanna White, a famous TV host, and George Santo Pietro, a successful businessman.

Nikko Santo Pietro, Son of Vanna White & George Santo 

On June 10, 1994, he entered the world in Los Angeles, California. When Nikko was young, he lived in Santo Pietro with his parents and younger sister, Gigi.

Andrea Santo Pietro is Nikko’s older half-sister. George Santo Pietro’s first wife, Linda Evans, gave birth to their daughter.

Her mother’s secrecy about his upbringing led to a secluded upbringing. However, most of what is known about his early life comes from internet sources alone.

After twelve years of marriage, Nikko’s parents decided to divorce, and they tied the knot in December of 1990. However, the media has yet to report on the reason behind the split.

As of 2022, It is hard to believe that this young and gifted guy is now 28 years old because he still appears much more youthful than other people of his generation.

Nikko Santo Pietro has the nationality of the United States of America and was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Nikko Santo Pietro first attended Oregon State University, where he majored in Agriculture Science. 

After graduating from OSU, he continued his education at the University of Arizona, where he received his doctorate.

Nikko keeps himself physically fit by going on long hikes many times a month, playing a wide variety of sports with his friends, attending the gym twice a week, and adhering to a rigorous diet.

He has volunteered several times at a shelter for abused and abandoned animals due to his compassion for their plight.

Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

He is a tall individual who has not disclosed his height or weight. 

He also has not provided any information regarding his bodily measurements, including his breast, waist, or hip size. 

He possesses striking brown eyes and jet black hair.

Social Media Presence: Is He An Active User?

Nikko Santo Pietro is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and has amassed many followers on each platform. On the other hand, he maintains a private account, and his username on Instagram is @nikkoshow.

Since joining Instagram, he’s posted close to 200 photos and attracted the attention of more than 3,000 followers. 

However, Nikko is protective of his privacy, so anyone interested in viewing his photos and videos must first become a follower.

He has published some photographs in which he and his family, together with his friends and fans, are shown having a good time in various settings, and he has also published many photographs for which he has posed. 

What Does Nikko Santo Pietro Do For Living?

Nikko Santo Pietro is an expert in the world of cuisine and has made tremendous achievements in his professional development. 

However, there is little more information regarding his career as he was thrust into the public eye because his mother is an entertainer who has been in a few films and television series.

Nikko Santo Pietro is a successful businessman thanks to his career as a chef and social media influencer.

He runs an online bakery named Nikko’s Bread. Besides this, he also works in the agricultural industry, Melissa’s Produce, in Los Angeles, California.

He helps in the research and development department and uses his education correctly. 

Current Relationship Status

Codie Jasco, Nikko Santo Pietro’s partner, and Nikko Santo Pietro are currently involved in a love affair for the past two years.

After Nikko declared his friendship with Liberian monk Jaycee Akinsanya in 2013 as close but not s*xual, speculations began circulating that he was gay. 

This occurred during his time as a student at the University of Arizona.

His mother, Vanna White, has alleged that Jacyee misled her son into pursuing a homos*xual connection despite reports from web sources to the contrary. 

Perhaps Pietro’s decision to transfer to Oregon State University was also motivated by the same underlying factors.

Nikko’s relationship with his girlfriend was brought up during the heated discussions about his s*xual orientation.

As seen on Nikko’s Instagram, they appear to be spending quality time together and enjoying a harmonious relationship.

Nikko Santo Pietro Parents’ Divorce

Nikko’s parents have a tense relationship. His parents, George Santo Pietro, a restaurateur, and Vanna, a homemaker, sealed the marriage in December 1990. Speculation about a romantic relationship between them dates back to 1985.

The couple had been married for twelve years when they finally divorced. The couple finalized their divorce in November 2002 and went in different directions.

George is married to TV producer, hotelier, and real estate developer Melissa Mascari, while Vanna is seriously involved with his boyfriend, John Donaldson.

Nikko Santo Pietro Net Worth

Some reports on the internet state that he has not disclosed his net worth, while other sources assert that it is roughly $300,000 and will increase due to additional strenuous work and initiatives.

While Nikko’s exact wealth remains unknown, it’s been speculated to be in the $300,000. He makes well over $60,000 a year as a top-notch cook. 

Final Verdict

Nikko Santo Pietro is a great chef and son of big name Vanna White and gets into the know the controversy that he is gay, but he denies that rumors and lives a happy life with his girlfriend. If you want to know more about him, you can visit her social media accounts, particularly Instagram.

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