How Ninja Creative Marketing bring Success for Client`s Businesses__

How Ninja Creative Marketing bring Success for Client`s Businesses

Jubayer Hossain who is Founding Director and Head of SEO  Ninja Creative Marketing started his career by serving a digital marketing agency in the United States of America. While actively working for the commercial market he realized that service providers are not delivering genuine facilities to their clients. Most of the amount a company spends on its marketing, especially for online marketing just go to dust. It is because the service providers are not paying ROI targeted services.

In such circumstances, he figured out that there is a vast gap between SEO services and clients. The currently active companies are only focusing on bringing five to ten keywords over the search engines. And not focusing over nudging the potential clients to know more and more about the client`s company. The ideal way is that online marketing solutions should work to create brand regarding the services of clients –in actual they are more concerned about bringing the company`s name at the top when someone searches a particular keyword. In this chase, a considerable sum of money is wasted, and clients do not get justified business even after spending thousands of bucks.

So Jubayer Hossain decided to set his own with the name Ninja Creative Marketing to bring a positive change in the digital marketing industry all around the world.

How Ninja Creative Marketing Works

The company started with a goal to cater to all the requirements of web project management, digital marketing, and competitive business analysis. The primary focus of Ninja Creative Marketing was to generate business and make the process of SEO and SEM profitable for businesses. Rather than just running for rankings over a search engine they started to work with a multi-dimensional approach.

Ninja Creative Marketing fully understands that only technical efforts won`t pay back because creative domains have their own value in generating and promoting businesses. So they mixed technical and creative platforms together to create a service range which is complete and has the ability to acquire all the goals specified by their clients.

Firstly they disregarded the approach of conventional marketing which somehow work on the idea “one formula for all.” Juxtapose to it, they started to strategize every business differently and propose a customized plan to their clients. The plans are purely ROI focused and have long term impact on the client’s business.

The customized strategy does not only include keyword ranking but also include UI and UX improvement, content production strategy, on and off-site optimization, competitors link building, blogger outreach, quality backlinks, and strategic site audits.  In short, they work 360-degrees to uplift a business and bring it to market in a more and more impactful way.

Secondly, they turned focus to building a brand online through SEO, SEM, and organic content marketing. In this way, once a company reaches top ranks, their position becomes sustainable, and they do not have to pay bucks every month for paid marketing to run their businesses. Robust strategic planning may charge a little more than an ordinary ranking game but gives a viable business worth to a company. The sales graph will inevitably rise and stay over top charts if the company is being marketed organically as well as inorganically.

Thirdly they incorporated social media marketing with website marketing. The idea worked perfectly to generate profitable links between potential customers and brands. The creative team knows well how to manage different social media platforms to grasp the attention of the true audience within a few days.

Ninja Creative Marketing also started white label SEO services for Digital Marketing agencies, Web design and development firms, multimedia firms, and so on in December 2018.

Jubayer Hossain says,


“It’s easy to get new clients but difficult to handle them properly. It’s easy to hire someone to do the marketing but it’s difficult to find a good and trusted one. It’s True that there are so many fraud service provider but it doesn’t mean everyone. We’ve references that you can talk, we’ve verified reviews that you can check, and finally we’ve results to show you. I wanted to make a difference in the industry by providing better and top quality services at lower costs to individual business owners and agencies.”

With over 9-years of experience of Jubayer Hossain and several years of experience of other team members, the company successfully served popular brands from USA, UK, CA, AU, and other countries. The list of happy customers is long and more names are adding to it every day.


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