6 Non-Motorized Treadmills for Effective Workout

non-motorized manual treadmill

The world is lived by technology and power, whether it’s self-driving cars to automatic cars from the kitchen to home equipment. If you look around, every sector of professional and personal life is struck by power and technology, including the gym. But still, some gym freaks opt for non-motorized treadmills to achieve organic fitness results.

Our top picks for non-motorized treadmill

  1. Best premium: Assault Fitness AirRunner
  2. Best lightweight: MaxKare
  3. With 16 levels of resistance: Sunny Health & Fitness
  4. With high magnetic resistance: Exerpeutic 100XL
  5. Best affordable: Fitness Reality TR1000
  6. Best curved: Fitness Curve Treadmill

What is a Non-Motorized Treadmill?

A non-motorized treadmill is fitness equipment that allows users to walk and run on it with each foot strike driving the belt behind them. It is also known as a manual or self-powered treadmill because of the motion that sets its curved belt into action.

So it means the belt only moves if you move it. But the effort is more needed on a curved belt of the non-motorized treadmill than on a motorized treadmill. The tendency to move the belt gives you the resistance you need for your workout and means that if you want to keep going at the speed you want, you must put the continuous effort. Besides these features, here are some of the major advantages that a non-motorized treadmill can give you.


The non-motorized treadmill is more affordable than a motorized treadmill which makes it pocket-friendly.

  • The non-motorized treadmill is powered by you.
  • It takes less space than a motorized treadmill.
  • It is safer for a variety of users.
  • Gives a better and more organic workout.
  • Moreover, the non-motorized treadmill is environmentally friendly.

While motorized treadmills are the most common, non-motorized treadmills come with their own set of benefits that will appeal to many people – from casual walkers to severe athletes. To help you find a suitable machine for you with so many non-motorized treadmills available on the market, we have put down a list of the best non-motorized treadmill. Take a look!

Assault Fitness AirRunner non-motorized treadmill


Assault Fitness AirRunner

amazon.com Price: $7,028.18

Cut your running time in half with this Assault Fitness AirRunner. It is specially designed for running. This non-motorized treadmill is built to be powered by your strides.

  • It is made with alloy steel which makes it sturdy and light at the same time.
  • It can bear a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Its best feature is that it is a zero electrical consumption cardio machine.
  • It is powered by the steps you take on.
treadmill by Max kare non-motorized




Price: $149.99
You can save $15.00 extra if you apply to the coupon on Amazon

Start your walking and running journey without requiring any plugs or electricity with the MaxKare Manual Walking Treadmill, giving you the freedom to choose where to place the treadmill.

  • This non-motorized treadmill features an LCD monitor that will show the distance, speed, time, and calories burned.
  • It is lightweight as it is simple yet sturdy constructed.
  • It needs a little maintenance in terms of durability.
  • Its portability makes it convenient to move and transport.
  • It features a soft foam handlebar and non-slip running surfacing to keep users safe while running.
Sunny health and fitness non-motorized treadmill


Sunny Health & Fitness

amazon.com Price: $623.95

This is a versatile fitness machine; it can be used for running, walking, or jogging. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable for the user to use. This non-motorized treadmill is the best option for light cardio exercises. It ensures improvement in blood circulation and strengthens muscles, and improves balance and coordination while improving moods.

  • It features 6 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance.
  • It also features 3 levels of incline that you can manually adjust before your workout.
  • It is equipped with slip-resistant handrails for a safe workout.
  • It also comes with heart rate sensors.
non-motorized exerpeutic treadmill


Exerpeutic 100XL

amazon.com Price: $222.69

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, basic manual treadmill, Exerpeutic 100XL High Capacity Magnetic Resistance Manual Treadmill fits the bill. In addition to getting a reasonably-priced treadmill that is easy to set up and quiet to use, you’ll also get some more standard features you’d expect on a non-motorized treadmill.

  • Its sturdy construction makes it durable that can bear max user weight up to 325lbs.
  • It comes with twin 6″ diameter flywheels for a constant and smooth workout.
  • It’s wider like a motorized treadmill.
  • It has safety handles that are more than 2X the length of other typical treadmill handles, making workouts safer.
non-motorized fitness reality treadmill


Fitness Reality TR1000

amazon.com Price: $125.00

This pocket-friendly, non-motorized treadmill delivers one of the best compact manual treadmills. This small manual treadmill weighs only 24.5 kg and folds up into an incredibly compact form factor. Despite the smaller form factor, this compact yet non-motorized treadmill still offers plenty of support.

  • It can support up to 230 lbs of user weight capacity.
  • It comes with incline adjustments feature with manageable 2 position incline levels of 6 and 10 degrees.
  • Its features set also includes an LCD that shows time, distance walked, calories burned, speed and scan.
  • It comes with transportable wheels, which makes it easy to move.
non-motorized curved treadmill gfitness


Fitness Curve Treadmill

amazon.com Price: $3,410.00

This non-motorized treadmill is a lot more expensive than compared machines showed on the list. But it is perfect for all types of workout, training while providing great performance, which makes it suitable for a wide range of workouts.

  • It features a 7″ wide running surface like a motorized treadmill.
  • It has easy to move around with an LED display to show time, heart rate, distance.
  • It is constructed with Alloy steel which makes it durable to a variety of user
  • It can support up to a max weight capacity of 390 pounds.

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