Dotard and little rocket man mockery resumed as Christmas approached

Dotard and little rocket man mockery resumed as Christmas approached

Trump resumed calling Kim Jong Un a “little Rocket Man” in his latest press conference while warning North Korea of dire consequences else they mend the ways. North Korea responded instantly by issuing a warning that if the U.S. President again used derogatory remarks against Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, North Korea will resume the insults of U.S. President by considering him “Dotard”.

Why the latest spat of Dotard and little rocket man?

North Korea is under immense economic pressure and wants relief in sanctions by the U.S. However, the U.S. has signed an agreement in which denuclearization was agreed and the U.S. wants North Korea to denuclearize unilaterally and instantly. Contrary to that, North Korea is showing a willingness to do it in a step by step phase in direct proportion to the relaxation of sanctions. Both sides are trying to exert pressure on each other. In recent weeks, Deputy Foreign Minister of North Korea hinted of resuming long-range missiles tests in few weeks, if Washington refused to change its negotiating positions. He said, “It is entirely up to the US what Christmas gift it will select”.

The U.S. responds by insulting instead of budging

The move of U.S. Trump by humiliating Kim Jong Un was a calculative move to shift back the pressure toward the regime by showing that the U.S is not moving back from its negotiating position instead the U.S. would go ahead on the more aggressive position in diplomatic and other options.

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North Korea issued Warning of Dotard with the condition of “Again”

North Korea issued warning via its State Media that if the U.S. again used the insulting language against the Supreme Leader then they will resume considering Trump a Dotard. They further went on to say that it shows the common hate of the U.S. toward the people of North Korea.

What can we witness soon?

Experts believe that as the New Year is approaching, North Korea is desperately trying to ease the economic sanctions while retaining its position. This will further instigate the situation and the U.S. will move more aggressively else North Korea retreat to its previous position of opting to denuclearize. However, the North Korean Regime would also not bow down to international pressure as they are fighting for existence. Nuclear deterrence or bluff is the only surety North Korea has right now against the West particularly the U.S. So, in future, brace for more aggressive stances.


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