Oliver Sullano Scandal Viral On Twitter – Blessing In Disguise?

Oliver Sullano Scandal Viral On Twitter

The Oliver Sullano scandal viral on Twitter could very well be a blessing in disguise. Recently, the Filipino actor’s intimate photos were leaked by an unknown source on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter. 

The photos have been spreading across the internet at the speed of light. The actor has yet to respond to this invasion of his privacy. 

No one can predict what measures the actor will take to prevent something like this from happening again. 

The actor is active on Instagram but has kept his TikTok account private.

It will be challenging to identify the suspect till the time Oliver does not come forward with a response. No one knows if he will press charges against the person who leaked his intimate photos. 

The incident comes under revenge p*rn.

Invasion of privacy is a serious crime and can have severe repercussions if the victim decides to press charges. 

Who is Oliver Sullano?

Oliver Sullano was born in the Philippines on May 19, 2002. 

Sullano is a rising TikTok star and has amassed a vast following of 831.5K with his entertaining and engaging content. 

He began his TikTok journey in December 2019 and, since then, has dedicated his time and efforts to producing engaging content. 

Oliver posts his modeling photos on Instagram, whereas he posts lip-syncing videos on TikTok. 

His first post was a lighthearted video in which he staged a fictitious text chat. 

Even though Oliver’s income and net worth are unknown to the public, it would not be wrong to assume that he would be earning a handsome amount through his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Can Instagram make or break lives?

Since its creation, Instagram has managed to affect all of our lives excessively.

From a 6-year-old kid to a 60-year-old person, Instagram has managed to entertain and influence everyone. 

While many people have benefitted positively from Instagram and its popularity, many others have suffered due to unsupervised Instagram exposure. 

Having an account on Instagram can be declared a need of time, but excessive use of the photo-sharing application can negatively impact a growing as well as a grown person’s way of thinking. 

Instagram tends to give rise to peer pressure, ultimately generating disappointment, sadness, and depression. 

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