Olivia Ponton Opened Up About The Experiences, Challenges & Struggles She Faced When She Opened Up About Being Bis*xual

Olivia Ponton Identifies as Bisexual

Olivia Ponton, 18, recently revealed that she is Bisexual and also states that she is very proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I met my girlfriend on TikTok and became thoroughly obsessed with her,” Olivia recently stated in an interview. 

Since then, Olivia and Kaila have been fairly public about their relationship, posting flirting videos together on TikTok, 

Olivia and her girlfriend Kaila have been public about their little romance, posting their videos on Tiktok where they are openly flirting. 

Olivia entertains her followers by sharing her inspirational, funny, and engaging videos on TikTok and Instagram.

How did the young star begin her TikTok Journey? Is it true that she supports LGBT? To whom is Olivia Ponton dating? And how many followers does she has on Instagram and Twitter?

Olivia Ponton Showed Interest In Interior Designing In Her Childhood

Olivia Ponton took her first breath on May 30, 2002, in Florida. She was raised in Naples.

Olivia studied at Naples High School, and she was interested in pursuing her career as a model in her school days. In May 2020, She graduated from the university and received an interior design degree. 

However, there is no data about her family and siblings. 

Olivia Ponton Pursued Her Career Being A Model

Olivia Ponton is the younger Instagram celebrity and TikToker. She is widely known for modeling and travel-related vlogs.

In her modeling career, she worked with Wilhelmina USA.

Apart from modeling, Olivia has other hobbies which she keeps in her daily routine. She is active in running, water skiing, weightlifting, and Yoga. 

Is She Dating Kio Cyr?

In 2020, when Olivia was enjoying her stardom, she was seen dating Kio Cyr, who is a video creator and TikTok star.

Kio Cyr is widely known for his lip-syncs transitions, challenges, and entertainment videos. 

In some of the reports, it was mentioned that the couple dated silently for four months and parted ways without revealing the news.

Both are entertainers but keep their private life out of public keys.

How Does Olivia Ponton Look Like?

Olivia is a young and stunning star, and she is widely known for her entertaining videos.

She is attractive, and her follower always gets inspired by her charming and decent looks.

A young star has a height of 5.8 ft while her weight is 55 kg.

Her height, physique, and weight collectively make her the perfect model. 

  • Net Worth: USD 1 million
  • Real Name: Olivia Ponton
  • Famous Name: Olivia Ponton
  • Profession: Model and Social Media Influence
  • Hometown: Florida, U.S.A.
  • Date of Birth : 30 May 2002
  • Zodiac Sign :  Leo
  • Education Qualification:  High School
  • Weight:  55kg
  • Body Measurements:  32-24-36

She Exercises every to keep her body in shape for modeling.

Apart from her ambitious career, she is active in many other hobbies as she loves traveling, reading, photography, learning, internet surfing, and adventure.

Olivia used to travel to various destinations to make videos for her fans.

She Has Huge Fan Followers On Instagram

Olivia entertains her followers with her inspirational videos. She has vast followers on her Instagram and Twitter account, and her Instagram followers are 54 million, which is a massive success for Olivia.

Olivia Ponton Is Happy To Reveal The News Of Her Bis*xuality

In 2021, Olivia Ponton said that she is bis*xual and proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. The news was revealed in her Zoom video calling.

A social media star took a break from media after breaking news of her s*xuality online. 

Moreover, she has posted the same video on  TikTok in March that amazed her fans after hearing the news from her.

How Has Olivia Ponton Accumulated Net Worth?

A young model, social media star, and TikToker has an estimated net worth of USD 1 million. With her inspirational and entertaining video, Olivia has earned huge fame and accumulated immense wealth in no time.

She is considered the worthy and famous young star of the United States.

Moreover, accumulating a massive amount at a young age is challenging for th teenagers, but Olivia proved and emerged as an influential young star. 

A talented girl ambitiously carried out her career. She is that young star who fulfilled her dreams. Olivia has always been the motivation for her fans, and it is worth noticing that she has gained popularity and follower at an early age.

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