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Search. Find. Post. Explore your interests now through Nectar and expand your global reach. Rod A. Ponce, MBA, the founder of Nectar has over 15 years of experience in online business development, networking, and communications. Nectar is a social media content app for service professionals and experts who want to stay top of mind, but do not have the time to do so.

How much better would life be if there was a consistent and trackable way to generate new content and leads to your business daily? Nectar provides that solution.

Bringing the social back to social media:

Nectar has created new ways to interact with other users and people who have similar interests, as well as new presentations for advertisers to reach customers. People make more time for things and interests they are passionate about. I was able to build my own social network and connect with other members in my community, some of whom I had admired their work from afar for many years.

Nectar assists users to always make new discoveries no matter the cultural differences or the language you speak, you can always grow your network by tapping into the familiarity that individuals embrace when they speak in similar languages. I have made new contacts not only in my local community but also with users in the United Kingdom and France who have then shared my work with their followers.

Innovative designs and ideas:

Nectar focuses on innovative ideas and designs. It can design plans, provide new strategies and expand the reach of your article by sharing it within targeted global communities You want to advertise your business or publish your designs? You have a sales team and you want to provide them with the latest social media training?

Nectar offers group workshops or one to one training where they provide special tools and train teams accordingly to step into the world of social media selling online and advertising. In my case, everything was well planned out and they provided a personalized approach to my business objectives.

Content distribution and optimization:

Nectar is also very easy to use. It optimizes your post times and it is all based around what time you consider as most productive of your day. Your lunchtimes? Breakfast time in the morning when you take out time to read the newspaper? Or in the evening (my preference!) when you are done with everything and want to spend quality time with your loved ones. More importantly, you also have the option to easily add or delete articles that does not suit you with just one click.

Whenever a user connects or interacts with your posts, Nectar learns to find improved and more applicable and reliable content for you over time which satisfies your needs and fulfills your interests.

Saves time:

It’s hard to always be connected and posting numerous times a day and that’s where I found Nectar the most useful, for it helped me find relevant and optimized content. Prior, to Nectar I was posting outdated content with limited results but now I can see how valuable content has provided greater opportunities to my business. Now, I’m sharing valuable content with my followers daily.

Building relationships professionally:

Nectar is not what you can call the main stage. It’s backstage. What happens over a cup of coffee and face-to-face, while others are chattering and dropping business cards on tables. Nectar is a networking channel where users can connect with like-minded professionals and discuss potential business opportunities or learn about global trends.

Every relationship needs an introduction. Don’t know how to open a conversation? Looking for guidance from fellow professionals in your industry? I provided my professional interests and Nectar designed custom feeds for my social profiles. In many cases, people reached out to me and viewed me in a different light, more as an expert figure in my industry.

Social media is more particularly about social than the media itself. It always has been like this.

Most importantly, Nectar provides me additional time in a day to focus on growing my business and spending quality time with my family.


I am Sofia Mendela. My passion is to write about new businesses, leadership and capture interesting stories. I am quick in research and craft better stories.

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