OwO: Some Knowledge About This Emoticon

The term “OwO” might seem quite a weird acronym when you first encounter this but in actual this term is not an acronym at all. In the world of internet or particularly social media, you already come across this term and this might make you confused by its meaning and its usage and its appearance as well.   


Here you will discover the meaning of this term, get the knowledge about its origin, and learn some alternative meanings. We will also try to simplify its meaning through conversation examples by using the term rightly so you can get a better understanding of it. Furthermore, you will find some alternative words and/or phrases that you can apply in place of this term to communicate with the same meaning.

What is the meaning of OwO?

Let us first clear the misconception about it that this is not a slang word at all. This term represents an emoticon where the two capital “O”s signify the eyes of a face and the “w” portrays the nose. This face is created in response to being shocked or passionate about something.

Origin of OwO:

Although there is no exact source to let us know about when or from where it started using this emoticon, it can be assumed that it started in Japan as part of the first stream of emoticons to be used on the internet to express common facial expressions. Some interpretations of the term avoid the fact that these faces are made as a consequence of anime and were first adopted by furry enthusiasts. A furry is someone who prefers to dress up like an animal for purposes, including sexual ones.

Other Meanings:

Some pronounce this term as being a sound like to “wooooo” or “ooooo” formed in a high-pitched resonance. Other than that, there does not look to be any other related meanings of this term. However, the “O”s in this term can be replaced with a different kind of “O”s from the character map on your computer to give them eyebrows in separate directions to make the face look annoyed, confused, excited, etc.

Conversation Examples:

A text message interchange between two friends.

Friend 1: Lily told me she today liked you.

Friend 2: OwO … what? Are you serious!?

Friend 1: Serious, bro! She asked if you were seeing anyone and I told her no. I would be prepared for her to make a move and ask you out.

Friend 2: OwO

An online conversation between two Facebook users.

User 1: Can you believe that this game has been out for 10 years already?

User 2: OwO … no way! Has it been that long?

User 1: Yes! I couldn’t believe it either, but I looked into it yesterday. Seems like yesterday we were all waiting for it to be released.

Synonyms for OwO:

The synonyms that you could apply to give this emoticon words are:

  • joyful
  • excited
  • amazed

Hope this article will help you to know about this interesting emoticon well.


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