Who Is Patricia Spivey & What Happened At Briscoe Street Home?

Who Is Patricia Spivey & What Happened At Briscoe Street Home

Patricia Spivey, 52, was shot dead over the weekend at her Briscoe Street home. She was the wife of Deputy Renard Spivey.

According to court documents, a veteran deputy of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office killed his wife during a fight over s*x.

The court records indicate that Spivey called 911 around 3 a.m. on Sunday to request an ambulance, claiming he accidentally shot his wife during a fight over a gun.

The gunshot wound to Renard’s leg required him to be treated at Ben Taub Hospital. 

Officers told him Patricia shot him in the leg because they were “tussling with the gun” and “had been arguing all day.” Detectives, however, concluded the incident was not an accident.

In Patricia’s master bedroom closet, Houston police officers found her dead. 

Besides Patricia’s cell phone and three shell casings, a 9mm handgun was placed on top of a clothes hamper near her.

A court document states Patricia’s brother told police the couple had been arguing about their lack of intimacy and Patricia’s suspicions Renard was “probably back on steroids and/or having an affair.”

In the hours before the shooting, he spoke with Renard three times. In Renard’s words, “she’s counting my pills (low testosterone medication), claiming I’m sleeping with someone else.”

“I never thought that he’d go that far,” Patricia’s brother, Ezra Washington, told ABC13. “I should have acted on it and that’s going to eat me up for a long time, forever. But him saying that and then acting on it, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.”

It was noted by officers at the scene that Renard overweighed Patricia by approximately 100 pounds and that he was an avid bodybuilder, as evidenced by his weightlifting trophies.

A daughter, Patrina Marshall, is left to carry on Patricia’s legacy.

“She was my cushion when things were hard,” Marshall told ABC13. “(She was) my friend when I needed to vent, my hands when I needed help, but most of all, that woman is my mother.”

There is evidence that Renard may have a mental illness or intellectual disability, according to court documents. It has been ordered that a mental health assessment be conducted.

Because of Renard’s peace officer experience and knowledge of weapons, officials are asking for a high bond.

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