Patrick Lewis Murderer – Criminal Genius Or Cold-Hearted Killer?

Patrick Lewis Murderer

Murder and r*pe are the two crimes that do not deserve forgiveness under any circumstances. No amount of explanations, justifications, or reasoning can get one off the hook when it comes to depriving someone of life. 

Would it be right to call Patrick Lewis murderer a human? He was undoubtedly the most evil creature to grace the surface of the earth. 

The disappearance and subsequent murder of 32-year-old Kathleen Bracken in the Twilite Motel in Mobile, Alabama 1998, triggered an investigation that yielded a horrifying result. 

When the investigation began, the police had no idea they were looking for or dealing with a serial killer. 

Fortunately, some witnesses were able to direct the authorities toward Gerald Patrick Lewis. The subsequent investigation revealed a sinister history of gruesome murders that stretched back to 1986. 

After Patrick Lewis murderer was identified and convicted, Investigation Discovery took the initiative to give people an insight into the criminal’s mind and horrible crimes. 

The episode, ‘Evil Lives Here: My Brother’s Secrets,’ revolves around Gerald’s crimes and shows how a well-planned police investigation finally gave him the punishment he deserved. 

Before diving deep into Patrick Lewis’ crimes and victims, let’s take a look at his early life and try to figure out the reason behind his unforgivable wrongdoings. 

Who was Gerald Patrick Lewis?

Gerald Patrick Lewis was born on August 10th, 1965, and had a reasonably difficult childhood as his family kept switching between Atlanta and the suburb of Brockton in Boston. 

The Investigation Discovery episode revealed that Gerald’s childhood was complicated further when his parents decided to part ways when he was only 11 years old. 

Losing a stable family at a tender age exposed Gerald Patrick Lewis to an unprotected world. 

He soon found himself getting involved in minor crimes as there was no one to look after him or keep a check on his whereabouts. 

Eventually, Gerald managed to get himself employed somewhere but could not carry on his job for long. 

Even when he was employed, he would keep on going back to committing burglary and ended up building quite an impressive criminal record for himself. 

For the first two decades of his life, Gerald Patrick Lewis did not become a full-fledged criminal. He did commit some petty crimes, but it wasn’t until 1986 that he committed the first of his serial killings. 

Undoubtedly, Gerald’s childhood was tough, and he wasn’t lucky enough to spend that time of his life under the shade of a protective family, but God did compensate him by blessing him with a girl named Lena Santarpio. 

She was Gerald’s girlfriend before he began the chain of history’s most gruesome crimes. Reportedly, the former pair were living together happily and were about to be blessed with a bundle of joy as Lena was expecting at that time. 

Lena’s luck ended up saving her from the exposure of Gerald’s horrendous crimes as she had moved back to her parent’s place after she found out she was expecting. 

Unsurprisingly, Lena’s parents didn’t think too highly of their daughter’s boyfriend and advised her to stay away from him. 

Lena’s moving away devastated Gerald and seemingly led to his first killing.

Who were Gerald Patrick Lewis murderer victims?

Before diving into the details of Gerald’s victims, it’s essential to know that all his targets were women, and he s*xually assaulted them before murdering them with a knife. 

It’s also pertinent to note that Gerald Patrick Lewis did not commit these crimes in any one city. He moved back and forth between Alabama, Georgia, and Massachusetts. 

The show includes a scene where Gerald mentions that he picked up his first victim from Brockton town square in December 1986, and he then r*ped her before stabbing her with a knife. 

Gerald’s first victim’s name and personal details were not disclosed to the public. 

In the following year, Gerald Patrick Lewis was charged with the attempted murder of five-year-old Stephanie. Reportedly, he broke into her apartment and almost strangled her to death. 

Gerald struck for the third time in the year 1993, seven years after his first murder. 

The victim, identified as Peggy Lynn Grimes, was a resident of Georgia and eight months pregnant at the time she went missing. 

Although Peggy was reported missing by her mother in September 1993, it wasn’t until 1998 that the authorities discovered her body in a wooded area off of Vulcan Drive in Lithia Springs.

Even then, the police had no idea about the man responsible for such horrible crimes. 

1998 wasn’t Gerald’s lucky year. Although it was his fourth killing and years apart from his last strike, the police were able to get behind him after that incident. 

In April 1998, law enforcement officials received a frantic 911 call from the Twilite Motel in Mobile, Alabama, about a possible murder.

As soon as a group of first responders arrived at the crime scene, they saw Kathleen lying lifelessly in her motel room. Blood had pooled all around her by that time. 

A subsequent autopsy revealed that Kathleen was suffocated and stabbed to death. The medical examiner’s office also examined the victim and figured out that she was s*xually abused and r*ped before she was killed. 

The witnesses that directed the police toward Patrick Lewis murderer saw a man in a red pickup truck visit Kathleen just hours before she was killed. 

That lead was investigated to the core and fortunately led the police toward Gerald Patrick. 

In order to attain more certainty regarding Kathleen’s murderer, the police delved into her details.

They were enlightened by the reality that Kathleen was a prostitute, and someone with a red pickup truck had sought her services the night she was murdered. 

With the vague description one of Kathleen’s colleagues provided, the police drew up a lifelike sketch of the criminal.

Apart from the sketch, the police, fortunately, discovered Gerald’s DNA from a cigarette butt found in Kathleen’s motel room. 

Surprisingly, when faced with the evidence, Gerald immediately confessed to Kathleen’s murder and even informed authorities about other slayings that weren’t linked to him. 

He admitted to killing Misty McGugin in January 1998 and three other Georgia women apart from Peggy Grimes.

Where is Gerald Patrick Lewis murderer now?

Patrick Lewis is no more in this world as he breathed his last 14 years ago on July 15th, 2009. 

He received life without parole for the slaying of Kathleen Bracken. The jury found enough reason to support their claim of aggravating circumstances and sentenced Gerald to death for Misty McGugin’s murder in 2003.

Gerald was serving his sentence and awaiting death row when he passed away.