Pedram Zohrevand: President of CES4

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Pedram Zohrevand is an experienced engineer with many professional publications under his belt. He has 20 years of experience in the industry and is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. In the course of his work as a consultant, he has been able to provide his knowledge and expertise to various private and government clients of all types and sizes. Zohrevand is an expert in the engineering and use of advanced types of concrete, as well as many other building materials and construction techniques.

Zohrevand is the President of CES4, an engineering consulting firm based in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California. His company specializes in the fields of civil and structural engineering. CES4 provides research and development, construction, management, and design advice to his clients. He is also a sought-after speaker at conferences and professional meetings.

Pedram Zohrevand received his doctorate from Florida International University in 2012. He was soon hired as an assistant research professor teaching civil engineering students He was also hired as the assistant city engineer at the City of Fort Lauderdale in 2014 where he could use his technical expertise and management skills to supervise a sizeable engineering division. He started his own consulting firm, CES4, and began working as an engineering consultant in 2015.

Can you tell us a story about what brought you to start your business?

I started my business after my long term experience in academia and industry working as a professor, structural engineer and assistant city engineer. I was able to spot a need in the market for innovative and creative design solution which led me to start my consulting firm.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Before I founded CES4, I had many ideas about what kind of consulting business I would like to run. My idea for CES4 can be summed up in the business’s name. It stands for Creative Engineering, Smart Solutions, and Sustainable Systems. These are ideals to which we hold ourselves in the course of our business.

We are especially proud of the creative aspect of our business. Our clients can always expect that we will come up with novel and well-thought-out solutions to their engineering problems. Many people believe that engineering is a rigid business with no room for creativity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

How many people work for you currently?

We have a relatively small number of engineers on our staff, but we are expanding all the time. Our business grew by 200 percent over the past year. I expect that we will continue to grow as our professional reputation becomes well-known.

What advice would you have for other new entrepreneurs?

I would recommend that all new entrepreneurs sit down and make careful plans for their business. Planning is an important part of engineering, and I feel that some new businesses don’t take the time to prepare for the different outcomes that could occur.

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Financial planning is the key to success. Make sure that you understand your business’s assets, liabilities, cash flow, and potential for expansion. Too many new businesses fail because their owners have not thought everything through.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

I expect that we will continue to receive more market share as the years go by. We have been improving our outreach and finding new areas in which to expand. We have talented engineers on our staff, and we have been growing our business steadily for several years.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

The best purchase I ever made was my home. It took a great deal of searching and comparing new homes before I settled on just the right home. Of course, I had to check out my new home from an engineering standpoint and make sure that it had no obvious flaws.

The worst purchase I ever made was one of my cars. I had nothing but trouble with that car from the day I bought it. I ended up trading it in early and getting something better.

Who supported you the most in your life?

My parents have been an incredible source of support in my life. They were pleased with my choice to become an engineer. My father, in particular, encouraged me to get into a solid line of work. My parents have always been there for me in every stage of my life.

Which books do you read and recommend to get inspiration and motivation?

My favorite books are biographies. I enjoy studying the lives of famous people. I have a deep interest in the American history and story of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.  I recently read John Adams by David McCullough. I find that reading about the different challenges faced by famous people throughout history can give me some insight into my life. I am currently reading Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance which is very interesting.

What are your future plans?

I plan to continue my work with CES4 and work on expanding the business. I am also deeply involved in researching new kinds of concrete and finding out what new techniques can do for the building industry.

How people should contact you?

You can reach me at [email protected]