Petawawa KIA Fight Video Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

petawawa kia fight video

Petawawa KIA Fight Video went viral on the social media website in 2021. 

The video, sent to CityNews, has sparked a discussion about the prevalence of toxic masculinity in the dealership industry. 

Using offensive and inappropriate language, the car salesman identifies himself as Brian from Paulette Auto Sales while expounding on his morning meal and suggesting the implications of s*x acts alongside vehicles. 

Not only did this display of unnecessary vulgarity leave Kingston residents unsettled, but its underlying message also highlights a larger issue present in both auto sales and society in general. 

Brian Doyle’s actions have sparked a considerable amount of controversy within the Kingston community, as his video is considered far inappropriate despite his claims that it was meant to be amusing. 

The Kingston News viewer made sure to point out how the video could be particularly damaging to women struggling with mental health issues, and many other community members showed their support for that sentiment. 

Though Doyle initially posted the video on his social media before taking it down after receiving an influx of negative comments, it remains a testament to his lack of consideration for those around him.

The recent social media post from an employee of the dealership has been highly concerning for all involved. 

The poster’s offensive expression of outdated notions of manliness, as well as his association with ownership of a car and displaying s*xually predatory behavior, is unacceptable and must be addressed immediately. 

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