Planning for Dream Wedding? Here Are Various Types Of Wedding Styles

Entrepreneur Wedding Destination

Wedding at summers might be the best opportunity to choose an outdoor wedding destination. So, If you are giving a thought to have a stunning wedding and are searching for a dazzling location for it, then what can be better than the soul of Italy. Yes, I am talking about the Puglia, a place filled with breath-taking destinations that will flush in the vibe of romance in the vicinity.  Therefore, here we have mentioned some of the best romantic locations for your Apulia Wedding.

Wedding venue ideas in Puglia

The best wedding venues in Puglia are a little hard to look out for as it can consume much of your time, especially if you are a non-residential. Puglia is filled with places that are perfect for a promising wedding.  So, without consuming much of your time, let’s dive into these beautiful places in Puglia.

Beach wedding

Have you ever dreamed of having your wedding alongside a beach just like it happens in the animated fairy stories? Well, an ideal Puglia wedding can make you experience the kind of marriage with its golden beachy vibes with waves falling on the stones creating a pleasant sound. The scenario of the wedding at an open sea will take your wedding experience to some other level. Imagine yourself and your partner in the wedding attire, bare-footed vowing to spend the rest of the life with each other.

Close your eyes and imagine a white-aqua colored theme of your wedding right side to the beach, where waves are making the sound by crashing on the shores. Your partner is holding flowers in the hands, and all the guests are waiting for you two guys to see the two integrated souls marrying each other at such a beautiful setup.

Masseria farmhouse weddings

Masseria wedding in Puglia is an option for a summer wedding. It is a traditional wedding in Puglia which is becoming more popular day by day. There are not only the aqua beaches in Puglia but also some fantastic landscapes of its Masseria.

These form one of the best venues for a wedding in Puglia. Most of these Masseria farms legally have the permission of hosting wedding banquets and ceremonies. Many of them even accommodate guests. A particular Masseria wedding is a perfect example of a real Puglia Italy wedding with white walls and olive green. Imagine your wedding under a blue sky with light blue strings, how promising it will look.

  1. Masseria Potenti
  2. Masseria Amelia
  3. Torre Coccaro
  4. Masseria Don Luigi
  5. Masseria Montenapoleone
  6. Masseria Le Carrube
  7. Masseria Traetta

Villa wedding in Puglia

There are one of the best wedding venues in Puglia that host wedding ceremonies. If you have dreamt of having your wedding in a luxurious villa or mansion just perfect for a royal wedding, then there are multiple options in Puglia for your wedding. The enchanting buildings are just enough to give you a breathtaking experience with its five-star amenities. The villas are just perfect for making the vicinity of the wedding day enough colourful and treasured. For that reason here I have reiterated some locations for villa wedding, you can have a look at these below:

  1. Borgo San Marco
  2. Villa San Martino

Thus you can choose your favourite dream destination from one of the best wedding venues in Puglia. We promise that everyone would admire your wedding day, and it will long last as a wedding destination that will remain etched in their minds forever. Enjoy the traditional Puglia wedding with turquoise vibes and leave an unforgettable imprint in your guest’s heart.

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