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Polly Jordan: The Wife Of The Most Controversial Republican Congressman, Jim Jordan

Polly Jordan

Polly Jordan is a wife of the US Republican congressman, Jim Jordan, who has served in Ohio’s 4th district since 2007. They have been together for three decades and are still going strong.

Polly’s spouse, Jim Jordan, is regarded as one of the most contentious members in Congress. He has vehemently backed Donald Trump on several occasions, including throughout his impeachment and then for reportedly spreading false information on the insurgency. 

While being a top Democratic target, Jordan’s private life has escaped the same level of scrutiny as his political career. That hasn’t happened by chance; it’s been that way since Jordan’s political career began.

SInce, Polly Jordan prefers to keep her private life concealed from the public eye, we’ve gathered some intriguing facts, but there’s still a chance to know about her.

Let’s find out who Polly Jordan is and how she manages her life being a wife of the Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee and Oversight and Reform, James Daniel Jordan, popularly known as Jim Jordan.

Who Is Polly Jordan?

Not only Polly Jordan is the wife of Jim Jordan, who is a famous lawmaker in the United States of America, but she is also the mother of four children.

She is a 59-year-old art teacher from the United States, who was born in 1963. Polly Jordan has kept a quiet profile throughout her career.

Personal Life

The Cleveland Plain Dealer initially looked into Jim’s private life in a 2011 article, with some information from Jim Jordan himself. 

According to source, the duo has been dating since Jordan was 13 years old and Polly was 14 years old.

Jim and Polly got to know each other through her brothers. He used to fight with Polly’s brothers when he was in school.  

“I decided it would be a lot more fun wrestling with Polly than her brothers,”  he told The Washington Examiner. 

In 1982, Jim Jordan finished his high school and competed in wrestling matches at the University of Wisconsin. He earned two NCAA titles that day.

On August 17, 1985, while he was a student at Ohio State University, Jim Jordan and Polly Jordan tied a knot. His whole family then relocated to central Ohio. 

In 2010, Jim Jordan wrote on Facebook about their intimate marriage, and that’s how we found out about it. 

“My wife Polly and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage today. It seems like just yesterday… So blessed to have her and our four children. Thanks for all of the well wishes!,” he posted.

Later, Jim Jordan received a master’s degree at Ohio State whilst simultaneously working as an assistant coach for the wrestling team.

Rachel, Ben, Jessie, and Isaac are the couple’s four children, and all of them are settled in their lives.

Jim Jordan had always aspired to be a professional wrestler. He was on his way to become a wrestling coach at the time he graduated.

But when their last kid was born, he abruptly decided to join politics as his professional career. In the same article, Jim Jordan stated:

“I was looking for a new challenge and got an interest in trying to make a difference for families. You become more aware of how important families are. They are a key institution in our culture. The reason I got into politics was to try to make a difference for that key institution, whether it was tax policy, education policy or whatever.” 

Polly Jordan’s Social Life Is Hidden

Polly Jordan has always kept a low profile on social media and also has been out of Jim’s political career ever since.

As she raised her four children with her husband and has two grandchildren, they have all found their footing in life now. Initially, her children were homeschooled then chose their career path and were successful in it.

Rachel, the couple’s eldest child, was born in 1987. Chris Salisbury is a member of the Army and also her husband. They are posted in Italy, as per his Facebook page, and have two kids together.

Ben, their son, was welcomed by them in 1989. He doesn’t seem to have any social media accounts that are currently active.

Jessie is their second daughter  and as of now she is 26 years old. Her Facebook page states that she completed her high school degree from Graham High School in 2011. 

She also attended the University of Iowa and was one of the best students at the campus. Jarrod Uthoff is her husband and they exchanged their vows in the year 2016.

Isaac Jordan is the youngest one in Jordan’s family. He competed at the University of Wisconsin as a wrestler, following in his father’s footsteps. 

He also became the first sixth athlete in his school Wisconsin and made history to be selected an All-American four times . 

Isaac was a Badger at that time and he has accepted a position at Indiana University in Bloomington, as an assistant wrestling coach.

Professional Life

Polly worked as a teacher, according to Jordans’ 2011 profile, he stated in an article. She was teaching art at a public school at the time.

It’s unknown if she’s still working as a teacher or not. Polly Jordan’s name may be seen on a Graham Local School District document.

It is located a few miles west of Urbana in Saint Paris, Ohio, where Jim Jordan spent his entire childhood. Jordan’s children went to school there as well.

Polly and Jim Jordan have lived in Urbana their entire lives and have owned their place of residence. The couple love their hometown a lot. 

They even decided to not forget their roots as they grew up there. So, in 1997, they bought their home in Urbana, Ohio, in which they are currently living.

They own a two-story home that was built in 1837, as per government records on the Champaign County Auditor’s site.

It was purchased for $171,667.00 by the Jordan family. It has 4 bedrooms and 3,260 square feet, as per sources.