Post Malone Girlfriend: Why Has He Kept His Love Life Under Cover?

post malone girlfriend

Post Malone earlier revealed that he got engaged to a woman with whom he has a daughter. He has kept his current Fiance’s identity a secret, though. 

He dated Ashlen Diaz for the longest time until now. Since then, there have reportedly been a few short-term relationships between the singer and several well-known celebrities, including the model Kano Shimpo in 2019 and the Korean singer and visual artist MLMA in 2020. 

Post Malone Dated with Ashlen Diaz
Post Malone Dated with Ashlen Diaz

None of these relationships appear to have lasted very long, and all seem to have been no more than casual flings.

Post Malone Announced His Engagement, Who Was He Dating Currently?

Post Malone has announced that he is engaged to his girlfriend and that they have a daughter together. 

According to rumors, Post’s girlfriend is not well-known, and they have not made their relationship public. 

Fans, however, have been researching his previous relationships and new girlfriends. 

In March 2022, a Reddit member stated, ‘He’s dating a girl named Jamie for some time. He is happy and does not care what people think of her girlfriend.’ 

The musician and his new girlfriend have made a few public appearances together. In one image, Jamie is seen posing in front of Post while sporting a face mask and a striped jumper.

Another image shows Jamie among a group of friends in front of and leaning against Post. 

Fans believe Jamie is the woman Post has been spotted with on several occasions, but the two have never publicly acknowledged their relationship, now engagement. 

The musician Post Malone was seen with her in January 2021, and in October of that same year, she posed with him and his family. 

According to fans, the deactivation of Jamie’s social media accounts is likely a precaution against inquisitive eyes during her pregnancy. 

Post is highly private about his personal life; therefore, little is known about his fiancée.

According to TMZ, ‘she’s not someone who has been in the spotlight, the two have been happy privately building their relationship.’

Post Malone Becomes A Father Of A Baby Girl

 The two of them appear to have celebrated the pregnancy with a small group of friends and close family members, despite his new girlfriend not seeming to be a celebrity. 

While performing on Howard Stern’s radio show, the musician casually announced that he has a baby daughter.

He replied, ‘That’s my daughter,’ when questioned if he was referring to his girlfriend or daughter.

 He answered, ‘I want to let her make her own decisions,’ when asked why he wanted to keep her private. 

He also declared that the mother of the newborn girl is now his fiancée. The artist told TMZ in May that he and his partner are expecting their first child.

‘Since I can remember, I’ve been depressed, but I’m excited for this new chapter in my life and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,’ the 26-year-old added. ‘It’s time to look for my body, as well as my family, friends, and myself, and to distribute as much love as we can every day.’

The shocking discovery has left fans speculating about who is the mother of the child. 

Post’s Ex Girl Friend, MLMA

Rumors about Post Malone dating the Korean singer and visual artist MLMA surfaced in 2020. 

Although neither artist publicly acknowledged their connection, MLMA appeared to let the secret slip when she shared some since-deleted images of herself with the Rockstar singer on her Instagram page in August 2020. 

A Korean rapper and visual artist, MLMA was born in Seoul. 

She has more than 1.3 million Instagram followers under the handle @melovemealot. Her TikTok username is @melovemealot555, and she has 1.3 million more followers there. 

MeLoveMeALot or MLMA was first associated with the rapper in August 2020 when the two were seen sharing some photos on her Instagram.

She recently wrote, ‘All I want is for him to be happy and I like to be in love.’ MLMA and Post may be seen cuddling up to one another in one of the pictures. 

Even sharing a photo of them as an anime couple, she customized her pink jacket such that the word Post was written on the front in wavy green letters. 

Before revealing their relationship, she commented in an earlier post, ‘I did makeup on cutest face,’ accompanying several images of them in the studio together. 

It appears that MLMA put her makeup skills to the test on her new man because Post is seen sporting some heavy eyeliner in the pictures. The two also have time-telling rings that match.

Some of MLMA’s most significant songs include Do You Love Me?, Deal Me, Dirty Martini Girl, and You Can’t Kill Me I’m Alive. 

Post Malone’s Relationship With Kano Shimpo

From August to November of 2019, Post Malone apparently dated the model Kano Shimpo for three months. 

The couple could be seen cuddling in a number of tabloid pictures. However, little is known about how they met, how they became together, or why their relationship ended so quickly.

Post Malone & Ashlen Diaz Parted 3 Years After Being Together

Post Malone started dating Ashlen Diaz in 2015 and dated for three years until they broke up in November 2018.

Until their breakup, Post’s longest and most well-known relationship was with Diaz, whom he dated for three years. 

He claimed that it was a case of love at first sight. He admitted to the morning radio crew, ‘It was snowing, and I just came, and I met her, and I fell in love with this woman.’

Although the couple never disclosed the cause of their breakup, Post had previously spoken about the burden his fame had on their union. 

Sadly, the pair decided to split up in the fall of 2018. There was no official explanation for the breakup; many people believed that Post Malone’s hectic schedule may have been to blame.

He admitted on The Breakfast Club in 2016 that striking a balance between devoting his life to music and devoting time to Ashlen was difficult. 

He said, ‘It’s challenging because you want to work in the studio and create the best music you can, but sometimes you’re really busy.’ 

The rapper’s early career milestones, such as the 2016 release of his debut studio album, Stoney, were all experienced by the pair. 

Post Malone later claimed that the famous song Déjà Vu with Justin Bieber from that album was about Ashlen. 

In a 2017 article on Genius, the rapper explained that This song is genuinely him throughout the beginning phases of starting to hang out with his girlfriend.

‘I’ve been with her for two years, and while it’s still in the very early stages, it’s cool. She annoys me, but I still adore her.’

A lawyer who claims to have assisted in negotiating a settlement between Post and Ashlen at the end of their relationship even took Post to court after their split. 

Who is Post Malone?

Austin Richard Post, popularly known as Post Malone, was born in July 1995. 

Post, who is only 26 years old, still has a lot of life yet to live, and it is obvious that he wants his life to be rich in both his personal and professional relationships. 

For a celebrity, privacy can be challenging to come by, so it seems sensible that they would want to guard it passionately. 

Post Malone is one of the most well-known musicians today, having won three American Music Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award.

Post Malone gave hit songs of his time, including Circles and Sun Flower, which hit no one on the Billboard chart. He is known to be one of the most famous musicians.

This success among younger and older generations has cemented his status as one of the biggest pop stars of recent years.

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