Princess Diana’s OverProtective Brother, Charles Spencer – All You Need To Know

Princess Diana’s OverProtective Brother, Charles Spencer - All You Need To Know

Princess Diana’s family extended past her children, Prince William and Prince Harry – she also had two older sisters and a younger brother, Charles Spencer. 

Charles has largely maintained a low profile throughout his life, though he has dedicated himself to keeping his sister’s legacy alive by speaking passionately at memorials and events related to his late sister in public. 

Unlike Prince William and Prince Harry, whose lives have been documented extensively since birth, Charles Spencer has had the luxury of forging his own path without the pressures of public scrutiny. 

Nonetheless, Charles takes pride in belonging to Diana’s family tree; not only does he keep her legacy alive, he continues to support the royal family by attending major royal events like weddings and funerals alongside the rest of Diana’s siblings.

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Who Is Charles Spencer? Early Life & Family Ties

Charles Spencer is a renowned British aristocrat who, in addition to being the only brother of the late Princess Diana, also has several other royal connections. 

Born on May 20, 1964, Charles Edward Maurice Spencer was the youngest among his siblings, which included Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes. Interestingly enough, Queen Elizabeth was his godmother; however, he was also once Prince Charles’s brother-in-law. 

Today, he’s widely known for his philanthropic efforts as well as various public engagements, which have made him an influential figure in UK society.

Royal Titles

Charles Spencer certainly isn’t a Lord of the Rings, but he does have a royal title all of his own! As the 9th Earl of Spencer, he is the direct heir to generations of nobility that trace back to ancient Britain. 

The other titles from which his name is derived are equally significant and demonstrate his long-held lineage in English royalty. All in all, Charles Spencer lives up to both his modern-day reputation as well as his place among British nobility in a very literal sense!

What Does He Do Apart From His Royal Duties?

Charles inherited his title as the 9th Earl of Spencer when his father passed away in 1992. Although Charles is dedicated to serving in his regal capacities, he also has had a decorated career as a journalist and reporter. 

Charles worked for NBC News between 1986 and 1995 and contributed to the Today show and NBC Nightly News. 

Throughout his career, Charles has gained a reputation for being creative with his reporting while still providing unique insights into current events. 

He is an admirable example of how one can thrive both in their official duties as well as their chosen profession.

Charles Spencer is an impressive individual with accomplishments in both writing and philanthropy. 

He has published several titles which analyze British history and have appeared on the Sunday Times bestseller list, with one of his books even becoming a #1 bestseller on Amazon. In addition to these scholarly works, Spencer dedicates time to help charitable organizations, including Whole Child International. 

All About His Personal Life & Family 

Although his current marriage to Karen Villeneuve has brought much joy since 2011, Spencer has been divorced twice before, from Victoria Aitken in 1997 and Caroline Freud in 2007.

Charles Spencer, brother of late Princess Diana, has had a very eventful life. In addition to being an author, he has gone on to marry three times and father seven children. 

One daughter in his family, Lady Kitty Spencer, recently exchanged vows with her now-husband Michael Lewis at Villa Aldobrandini country mansion in Italy. 

The 2021 ceremony was every bit as romantic and lavish as you’d expect of royalty! Charles is no stranger to social media either – he is quite active on Instagram, often sharing throwbacks of Princess Diana or photos of his childhood home. A quick visit to his page is sure to take many down memory lane!

Princess Diana’s Brother Charles Spencer Rebukes Trump’s Comments

Charles Spencer, younger brother of Princess Diana, has hit back at former US President Donald Trump’s recently reported comments regarding his late sister. 

Having been alleged by Trump during an interview with Breitbart News to be one of several celebrities who had “kissed his ass” prior to his entry into politics, Charles Spencer issued a stern rebuttal adding further weight to the book Letters to Trump – which purportedly contains letters from well-known figures such as Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Jong-un and Diana herself – being called out by many as tabloid journalism. 

This backlash puts into stark relief both the overwhelming power of the spokesperson for Diana’s legacy and also highlights a general dissatisfaction in society towards reductive and unsubstantiated claims made without due judgments or research.

However, Charles has taken issue with these claims and has publicly defended his sister’s reputation. In a tweet, he expressed surprise at Trump’s comments, stating that Diana had never expressed any interest in “kissing his arse.” 

He went on to reveal that Diana had even spoken to him about Trump in the past, describing him as “worse than an anal fissure” after he had used her name to promote some real estate in New York.

This is not the first time that Trump has made controversial remarks about Diana. In a 1997 interview with Howard Stern, he suggested that he could have had a sexual relationship with her. 

Furthermore, British TV anchor Selina Scott wrote about Diana’s opinion of Trump in a 2015 column for The Sunday Times, claiming that Diana had referred to him as a “stalker” after he sent multiple flower arrangements to her home at Kensington Palace. Scott also stated that Diana had described Trump as “giving her the creeps”.

It is clear that Charles is deeply committed to protecting his sister’s legacy and has been quick to speak out against any attempts to tarnish her reputation. 

His response to Trump’s recent comments serves as a powerful reminder of the high regard in which Diana is still held by many people around the world and of the importance of respecting her memory.