Productivity Tools & Softwares That Will Help You Become More Efficient

Traditional productivity tools aren’t about forcing yourself to do more with less or becoming more efficient—unless that’s what you want. They promise to improve or simplify something that is currently a little complex.

The focus of productivity tools will be on collaboration and project management. Individuals can stay in touch with the rest of their staff no matter where they are and provide the most up-to-date information and updates that everyone requires.

Other tools can assist employees to enhance their productivity and efficiency by making difficult operations simpler and quicker. This may be anything from managing backups to social media monitoring or customer relationship management.

A lot of productivity apps, for example as copying and pasting data from one program to another or transcribing audio, require work.

Others improve your quality of life by assisting you in being more organized, so you don’t have to strain your brain trying to remember where you wrote down important information or what you’re supposed to do next. They relieve the burden off your mind.

Why Should One Buy Productivity Tools?

There are several reasons to invest in productivity tools. The noticeable boost in work quality is one of the critical advantages you may notice after buying productivity tools. This is true for whatever form of productivity tool you might want to use in your office.

Setting objectives, assigning tasks, tracking progress, producing reports, and communicating with staff are all made easier with productivity tools.

It’s simple to assign tasks and projects and track their progress with productivity software. Productivity tools also allow you to combine data from multiple sources and share changes with your team to keep everyone up to date on the project’s progress.

Supervisors can use productivity tools to establish tasks and set goals before assigning them to team members. You may track all of your employees’ progress toward their objectives.

Security features in productivity products help reduce security risks and keep your data safe, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands

The greatest productivity tools make teamwork productivity simple and intuitive, whether in the workplace or at home. The greatest productivity apps on the market are listed below, featuring our top picks and some more options to explore.

Flip Booklets Basic Plan: 2-Yr Subscription


Flip Booklets Basic Plan: 2-Yr Subscription

Promote your products and services with attractive page turn animations through a digital PDF Flip booklet. With the growing competition in the digital world, promote your business with improvised marketing strategies. 

Flip Books are one of the simplest ways to promote your business with creativity, and it adds movement and engagement to your business. It can be used on any device with browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, and others that support PDFs.

It is an easy-to-use interface for instant creation. People with zero or little technical knowledge can create impressive Catalogs, brochures, magazines, and eBooks within a short span of time. 

A basic plan of Flipbook consists of around ten books with upto 15MB each without ads. It allows you to go Ad-free. It gives you analysis on your books like how man times it was viewed. It is responsive and uses minimalist codes, and works faster.

Top Features :

  • Allows You to experience an ad-free booklet
  • It uses Minimal codes and is incredibly responsive  
  • Works great with hyperlinks 
  • Zoom in & zoom out at your convenience
  • Ensures Privacy; hide it from search engine
The Mac Productivity App Bundle & Lifetime Access to StackSkills


The Mac Productivity App Bundle & Lifetime Access to StackSkills

The mac productivity app bundle consists of Text Workflow, File list export, Receipt box, and unlimited lifetime access to stack skills. Let’s go through all the products in detail separately.

Text Workflow

It is a user-friendly and powerful tool that enables you to modify your text, and it eliminates the need to do a similar task on repeat yourself. Create powerful text automation by combining different activities through text workflow. Save your workflows and utilize them whenever you want.

You can share your workflow with your friends or family, or any other person by exporting your workflow to files. It can be used on five devices or less simultaneously.

Top Features:

  • Compatible with macOS 11.2 or later.
  • Lifetime accessibility

File List Export

User-friendly software that allows you to organize files for your needs. You can list and sort your personal data, including your pictures, videos, and files, for your convenience. This application is the best for you if you are into organizing and listing important tasks and files.

As easy to use, just select the folder you want your files in or drag it and get a list of your files and folders. It can work on Excel or CSV files. 

You can choose folders or subfolders according to your preference. You can edit, sort, and preview the files by name, size, date, location, etc. Export them to files later, and your file is ready to use. It is compatible with mac10.9 or later devices.

Top Features:

  • It can be used on no more than five devices
  • Lifetime subscription 


The receipt box works on keeping the record of your receipt. This easy-to-use software comprises features that organize your receipts and keep a record of your living expenses. 

With the receipt box, you can make separate accounts to keep a record of your receipts, apart from that. You can also categorize your expense and make groups and keep a check on how much you are spending on a specific category. 

This helps you limit your spending and allows you to keep a record of your expenses, leading to higher efficiency and productivity. 

Top Features: 

  • Works with macOS 10.9 or later
  • Lifetime access 
  • Connection to 5 devices at one time

Stack Skills

To gain new abilities and progress is a goal that everyone looks forward to, and with enthusiasm and motivation, it isn’t that tough. 

The desire to learn new sill is decent, but it can be intimidating for people who have had unpleasant experiences in their early life. But you dont have to worry now; with StackSkills, you can have a new learning experience that you’ll surely enjoy.

One of the world’s most popular online learning platforms, StackSkill has more than 1000 courses with a lifetime subscription. 

It gives you the most needed skills in today’s world, either personally or Professionally, whether you want to gain a promotion, make a career move, or start up a side hustle to make some extra income.

StackSkill is listed as one of the Top for the latest developments, from blockchain to growth hacking to iOS development, to provide the most relevant courses and information.

It has all the highly-rated premier instructors who are experts in their fields and passionate about sharing lessons learned from personal successes and disappointments.

If you’re serious about your personal and professional development, you won’t miss out on this tremendous all-access pass to the web’s top online courses.

You can record your progress for a particular course and improve with the question and answer webinars conducted every three months.

Top Features: 

  • Easily Accessible on mobile or deskTop.’
  • Additional 50 courses add o every month
  • More than 350 Top premier instructors
  • Certification for the course
PPC Ad Editor Agency Plan 2-Yr Subscription


PPC Ad Editor Agency Plan: 2-Yr Subscription

A more appealing way of presenting ad copy! PPC Ad Editor is the first best Google Ads preview tool that facilitates PPC (pay per click) creative campaign cooperation between digital marketing companies and clients. 

The Google Advertising PPC Ad Editor preview tool aids digital advertising organizations in developing, evaluating, and updating PPC ads with users. The Google Ads creator improves the visual process and reduces campaign time to market, and streamlines the campaign approval process.

Top Features: 

  • Share & View PPC Campaign
  • Linking google ads to go through an ad campaign
  • Keyword analysis and ad reviews





Teamenia is an automated project management software that works for small and medium-sized businesses with the most straightforward setup procedure and no charges per month,

It is designed to assist managers and leaders by providing a digital system that is easy to use and promotes navigation, payment processing, communication, and successful cooperation.

The goal of Teamenia is to provide a simple and organized interface that distributes all aspects of the process in a short span of time.

It provides assistance to stay organized in the project from beginning to end. The client and staff can communicate and deliver while staying on the same page. 

It allows you to keep track of project status, milestones and payments, deadlines, communication, file sharing, and much more.

It assists you in communicating with clients on assigned assignments, sending deliveries, checking deadlines, and communicating with admin and other staff members in real-time.

It gives you a platform like WhatsApp and Skype to chat and stay connected and creates an automated invoice for creating certain milestones for a project.

Teamenia lets you personalize the system to match your company’s branding guidelines, ensuring that it looks professional on your own hosted server.

You can edit or customize email templates to match your brand guidelines.

Top Features:

  • Project Management
  • Client Portal
  • Email Templates
  • Real-time chat
  • Staff Portal
  • System Settings



Slack is a google messaging application specially designed for people in business to connect with the information they need. It brings people together and helps in communication within an organization. 

It helps you stay connected and flexible while you work. It allows the organization’s colleagues to communicate. Several channels can be categorized where specific people work, and it brings together people with a common motive working under one project.

According to your preference, when the work is categorized into channels, you can easily access the information anytime or anywhere you want. You can even share your part of the knowledge without having to schedule it already. 

Slack allows everyone to have access to the information until someone is restricted. 

The team works in channels, and one message on the specific challenge keeps everyone updated, which helps make decisions more quickly and efficiently.

Top Features:

  • Conversation generator
  • Separate channels for specific conversations
  • Accessible to all
  • File sharing
  • Apps And Integration
Start.Me Pro Web Productivity: Lifetime Subscription


Start. Me Pro Web Productivity: Lifetime Subscription

Start. Me is the homepage you wish you had discovered sooner.  You can manage your bookmarks, notes, tasks, and news sources from a gorgeous homepage that you can access from any device or browser.

Users of Start. More than 500,000 people and teams worldwide, trust Me, spend less time looking for links and more time getting work done. Make your start page a productivity hotspot.

You can effortlessly add bookmarks and organize them on your start page by dragging and dropping them with a start. Using advanced search filters, you can locate them later. You may import, export, and access them from anywhere.

The dashboard can be customized in a variety of ways. You have over 30 regular and 12 Pro widgets to choose from and built-in apps like tasks and sticky notes. Connect your calendar, keep track of investments, and check the weather from anywhere. You may even filter the news you view to stay up with your industry and competitors.

It enables you to work on external web pages and incorporate data from third parties like Adsense, Google Analytics, Data Studio, etc.

Top Features:

  • Ad-Free experience 
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android
  • Lifetime Subscription
  • It can be used on unlimited devices
Mailbird: Lifetime Subscription


Mailbird: Lifetime Subscription

For Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11, Mailbird offers a clean, simple, and lightning-fast email experience. Mailbird helps you keep updated on your inbox without missing any urgent messages.

If you are a freelancer or small business owner with multiple accounts tangled in campaign emails, social media, and customer queries, Mailbird keeps you sorted. 

You’ll never have to switch back and forth between numerous different email accounts, apps, windows, or screens again with Mailbird. 

It’s all rolled together into one slick app that unifies the jumble of communication tools we have now. Mailbird is a single email program that combines full personalization, security, and communication productivity.

With Mailbird, you can find your year’s old email with the powerful search feature. It also provides keyboard shortcuts for several activities, including archiving, composing, replying, and forwarding emails.

Top Features:

  • Unlimited email accounts 
  • Personalization layouts
  • Supports different languages 
  • Social Apps Integration
Rize Intelligent Time Tracker: 3-Yr Subscription


Rize Intelligent Time Tracker: 3-Yr Subscription

The Rize Tracker is a productivity tool that helps you improve your attention and keep organized with meetings, work hours, breaks, etc. 

Rize can help you better understand how you spend your time by automatically tracking and categorizing your work activities on your computer in real-time.

It teaches you how to reclaim and manage your time effectively. You can start to course correct and get back on track after you understand where and when you lose focus.

Rize can also assist you in taking scheduled breaks so that the rest of your workday isn’t as burdening. It contains notifications rather than a timer that reminds you when to take a break based on your job activities.

Rize Intelligent time tracker makes you efficient. It allows you to take control of your days and keeps you focused by adopting good habits. 

It works with google calendar to keep a check on your time and help you with your productivity. It organizes your life by features like project tagging, meeting categorization, and automated tracking hours.

Top Features:

  • Automated tracking hours
  • Project tagging
  • Compatible with MacOS and Windows
  • Daily time breakdown report Via email
Hibox Pro Plan: 1-Year Subscription


Hibox Pro Plan: 1-Year Subscription

Hibox is a business chat that combines task management and video conferencing in one tool, making it easier to interact with your team and get things done quickly.

You can create an account in less than 30 seconds and invite your entire team. Hibox enables you to delegate and communicate successfully. 

Start a business chat or a live video conversation with a colleague. There are no downloads or integrations necessary. Hibox integrates with your favorite office tools like dropbox, google drive for sharing files and is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Top Features:

  • Advanced File organizer and Task management 
  • Application integration
  • Video conferencing 
  • Unlimited Search
Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Subscription: 2-Account Bundle


Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Subscription: 2-Account Bundle

You’re putting your online accounts at risk if you don’t use a password manager because it’s hard to remember a random, unique password for every website without help.

There’s no need to stress about remembering long and complex passwords. Sticky Password is a multi-award-winning password manager and form-filler for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. 

This lifetime Sticky Password Premium subscription safeguards your online identity by generating solid encrypted passwords for all of your accounts, all of which are managed by a single master password that only you know.

Sticky Password saves all of your login credentials in a secure database and generates fresh, strong, and unique passwords to safeguard your accounts. It performs all of the functions you’d expect from a password manager.

This comes with a lifetime subscription for upto two devices. You can share them between your friends or family and share the cost.

Top Features:

  • Save passwords automatically across the web
  • Automatic login to known  sites 
  • Strong password Generator 
  • 2-factor and biometric authentication



Don’t have any design experience? It’s not a problem! Canva is designed to be simple and easy to use by everyone around the globe.

Users can use the templates provided in the app. The platform is free to use. However, paid memberships such as Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise are available for those that want more features.

The Canva Pro plan has many features, but the first five are perhaps the most appealing: access to 420,000+ premium templates, 3000+ fonts, and a collection of 75+ million professional pictures, videos, audios, and graphics.

Canva is integrated with hundreds of prominent platforms and third-party programs, including social media networks, cloud storage services, music hosting sites, CRM platforms like HubSpot, editing extensions, etc.

Canva’s integration with other platforms saves you time by allowing you to do things like share your photographs or save your designs in Dropbox with a single click.

Top Features:

  • User Friendly
  • Integration ad third party apps
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Strong password Generator 
  • 2-factor and biometric authentication
TextSniper for Mac: Lifetime Subscription


TextSniper for Mac: Lifetime Subscription

Mac’s advanced OCR (optical character recognition) program allows you to extract any text from your screen in a flash. 

Easy to capture non-copyable text from pictures, PDFs, screenshots, documents, and even movies. In addition, convert detected text into speech on the fly. 

Convert any image to text with a single click and paste it as editable text into notes, messenger, or any other program. 

There’ll be no more retyping! TextSniper helps you stay productive by speeding up your productivity.

The software is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later and offers a lifetime subscription on your purchase.

Top Features:

  • Text to speech conversion 
  • Works without internet 
  • User-friendly interference
  • Supports different languages 

How To Choose The Best Productivity Tool?

There are different factors that you should look upon while choosing the productivity tool for your business. 

Always prioritize the most crucial features over those that are lovely to have but not critical. To create a shortlist, compare each viable tool to your list of essential qualities and analyze them thoroughly.

Choosing tools with training and inquiries help is preferable to paying for the product and then paying a third party to teach you how to use it.

There are numerous online and software solutions available, and you must determine whether or not they will work with the systems you and your firm now employ. 

It would be foolish to invest much in a technology that aids in email and document sharing if it is compatible with your current computer systems.

Most importantly, consider the costs of setting up and maintaining the tool, as well as user training, when calculating the cost of a tool. Most tools provide a free trial period, so make use of it.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What Are The Features That A Good Productivity Tool Might Offer?

Audio communications, file sharing, email, video conferencing, and chat are all features that good productivity tools provide.

It also allows businesses to connect with team members spread across several places, saving money and time. 

There are many ways to communicate with team members, but communication technologies provide a more dedicated platform for creating a productive working atmosphere.

Why Is There A Need For Productivity Tools?

Recognizing your potential, recognizing your skillset, and utilizing productivity tools to boost performance and save time are all part of working smart. There are a variety of productivity solutions available on the market today.

This isn’t to imply you’ll need every one of them. All you need to know is how to choose the most appropriate ones for your needs.

Are Productivity Tools Worth It?

It Depends on the kind of productivity tool and the features it offers. Consider what benefits are most important to you before deciding on any. 

Is it more important for you to prioritize effective communication and collaboration, or do you wish to prioritize performance tracking and reporting?

You’ll be better able to choose which tools will best meet your business demands and project requirements once you’ve determined your criteria. 

Choosing the appropriate tools can help employers and employees form strong bonds. 

Which Productivity Software Is Best?

There are a lot of productivity tools that are functioning in markets and are considered the best. It totally depends on what features you are looking for in the software.

We have listed some of the best productivity software in the article above which gives you an idea of productivity tools and the features they are offering.

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