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The Pure Green Franchise Is Changing The Franchise World For The Better

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The Pure Green Franchise is Changing the Franchise World for the Better

The Pure Green Franchise is one of the fastest-growing juice bar franchises in the United States. Their mission is to “build healthier communities around the globe by connecting people with superfoods.”

The Pure Green Franchise is already rapidly expanding and is now on pace to have 100 locations open by the end of 2023.

The founder of Pure Green, Ross Franklin, is a best-selling author and is one of the top five wellness entrepreneurs in the United States according to to Thrive Global. Before starting Pure Green in 2014, Franklin was involved with building prestige brands within the health and wellness industry. 

He used to own a wellness consulting firm where he grew high-end fitness brands and many companies in the wellness industry. His specialty was bringing struggling wellness companies back to the top as well as leading the sales and operations of the company.

Today, Franklin is known for his expertise in the wellness industry and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker at wellness events.

So, it is no wonder that Franklin decided to start his own wellness company with the goal to help foster healthy communities around the globe. Thus, Pure Green was started in 2014 in the highly competitive spear of New York City.

Pure Green is primarily a superfood juice bar that offers a variety of healthy choices. Their menu is full of nutrient-rich options. They have juices, smoothies, acai and pitaya bowls, toast, and more. Plus, all their ingredients are locally and responsibly sourced.

Their stores are focused on being environmentally sustainable by using select materials to construct each location as well as using a variety of renewable techniques such as “solar hot water heating” and having a green roof with the capability to re-use rainwater through a variety of techniques.

They also hope to educate the mainstream population on the benefits of superfoods in their products. They combine the highest quality superfood ingredients with amazing taste which make it easy for people to live a healthier lifestyle.

As the Pure Green Franchise continues to rise, so does their accomplishments. For one, the Pure Green Franchise is ranked #108 on Entrepreneur’s 2022 “Top New & Emerging Franchise.” 

Pure Green is also an “Entrepreneur Franchise 500-ranked company.” They have also seen massive support in their investor base. They raised over one million dollars through an equity crowdfunding round with over 5,000 investors.

Pure Green has become a nationally recognized brand that is sold in over 30 states and its products can be found everywhere from gyms to major airlines.

One of the biggest business goals of the Pure Green Franchise is to open 1,000 juice bars within the United States. Because of their commitment to provide great service and educate others on the importance of superfoods, one of their greatest challenges that they had to face is recruiting the best and the brightest franchisees. 

The key to the success of any brand is people, and Pure Green has been able to actively and successfully seek franchise partners that live in alignment with their mission of building healthier communities around the globe by connecting people with superfoods. 

The Pure Green Franchise has attracted and signed on hundreds of unit operators from other franchise brands and has been searching for the right healthy QSR brand to develop.

One of the ways that Pure Green has set itself apart from other franchises is by making it easier and more convenient to own a Pure Green franchise than that a competitor.

For one, the small square footage space that a store need allows for lower-than-average rents. Another benefit is that Pure Green’s wholesale division supplies franchisees with cold-pressed juices and cold-pressed shots so that the franchisee doesn’t have to buy expensive machinery and invest a lot of time into juice manufacturing.

Pure Green also helps its franchisees find the ideal location to open a franchise and helps them throughout the entire construction process. They also developed “Pure Green University” which is an online training institute that covers “product education, systems, processes, marketing, and more.”

Each Pure Green franchise is meant to be a store for the community where they are located. As a result, each franchise is not generic but instead reflects and seeks to help its community. 

One way in which each franchise helps its community is by giving each customer the option to donate to a local, pre-selected charity. Each charity is a non-profit organization that is specific to the city where the franchise is located.

All in all, Pure Green is an impressive example of a rapidly growing franchise business in the wellness industry. Their continual success and growth are a testament to the value of their products as being both healthy and delicious.